Water Damage Services Coronado, California

Serving all Coronado, California 24/7 We provide professional water damage removal, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services 365 days a year  We’re also experts in smoke and odor removal as well as trauma scene cleanup.

A full-service damage restoration contractor, we’re a single company that can take care of everything start to finish.  From initial inspections and emergency mitigation to meet insurance requirements onwards to reconstruction and final cleanup.  You’ll appreciate our devotion to exceptional quality and outstanding customer service every step of the way.

We’ve been providing disaster restoration services in the Coronado area since 1995 and hold the BBB’s highest A+ rating.  We’re a licensed California general contractor. Our highly trained and independently certified restoration specialists cover the wide range of restoration services involved in fire damage repair, mold removal, trauma scene cleanup, and water damage restoration.  And we arm them with the latest cutting-edge equipment.

Water Damage Restoration

It’s surprising how little water it takes to lead to “flood damage.”  Even with just a small area of wet flooring water quickly soaks in so deeply that it takes nature weeks to remove it, especially during the Coronado rainy season.  All during that time it’s causing building materials to mold, warp, starting in as little as a single day.  More water just means that a larger area is affected and more aggressive water restoration drying is needed.

We minimize water damage repairs and the loss of belongings by thoroughly drying everything as quickly as possible.  Advanced techniques and unique equipment create a controlled drying environment, cutting those weeks down to just a few days.

Water damage restoration must also consider the source of water, from sanitary fresh from plumbing to sewage removal.  With certified anti-microbial specialists we can safely handle it all, and then our construction crews can take care of any and all flood damage and water damage repairs you might need.  Our commercial water damage restoration team knows how to handle commercial construction details as well as retail and other inventory, and can help you meet OSHA and re-inspection requirements.

Mold Removal

When leaks, flooding, or tenant negligence leads to a huge mold problem, the need for professional mold remediation is clear.  But in other situations you may have a bigger problem than you think.  That’s because mold growth doesn’t need light, and mold spores can reach just about anywhere.  So those small patches, faint odors, allergies, and flu-like symptoms may be just the tip of the ice berg.

Our certified mold removal specialists follow ANSI/IICRC standards and guidelines (http://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s520/).  That starts with mold inspection and testing.  If there is a problem we set up all the recommended protections against the spread of mold spores and other contaminants before proceeding with the most thorough removal possible.  Our remediation work may also include drying damp areas, applying indoor-safe mildicides, and decontaminating air ducts, carpet, and crawl spaces

Fire Damage Restoration

Proper fire damage repair is quite technical and multifaceted, including everything from structural engineering to smoke chemistry.  After a careful inspection the first step is to secure the building with board ups and roof covers.  It’s also critical to protect any remaining building occupants by erecting isolation barriers and setting up air scrubbers.  That also reduces the impact of dampness and smoke on the rest of the building.

We’ll dry the building from firefighting efforts to avoid mold growth, clear away debris and damaged materials, and complete fire damage repairs.  Our pack out services is often the fastest and most economical way to rescue furniture and other building contents.  Our pack out specialists inspect and document each item, carefully pack smaller items, and move them to our facility not far from Coronado for treatment (cleaning, smoke and odor removal, and drying) and secure storage.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke gets into just about everywhere (such as inside walls, cupboards, and drawers) even far from the actual blaze.  If not promptly and thoroughly removed its hundreds of toxic, staining, corrosive, and odor-causing compounds cause lasting damage.  Our special equipment makes quick work of building surfaces while our cleaning and restoration specialists apply the best techniques to each building detail and possession.  Still more unique equipment lets us permanently deodorize everything, neutralizing even odors trapped within pores and deep within the structure

Flooding in Coronado, California

As an island connected to the mainland by the Silver Strand, Coronado faces flooding by land and sea.  Over a recent 60 year period there has been an average of more than 2 significant flooding incidents within a 50 mile radius of the city (http://www.usa.com/coronado-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  With rising sea levels nearby cities have begun specific planning, but Coronado agencies have not.  Although major impact is decades away, some increase in tide- and storm-related flooding is expected.  You can find hazard maps, preparation guidelines, and related information at http://www.readysandiego.org/flooding/.