Water Damage Services Del Mar, California

Do you need building water damage emergency or disaster restoration services in Del Mar, California?  You need true experts with all the right equipment as soon as possible before cumulative damage turns recoverable into the unsalvageable. Our professionals are ready 24/7/365 with 1-hour response times for fire and smoke damage as well as for flood services and water damage restoration.  We also have specialists in trauma scene cleanup and mold remediation.

Why Choose Superior Restoration?

We’re full-service damage restoration specialists for water, mold, smoke, and fire restoration.

  • In business since 1995, and here to stay.
  • Hold the highest BBB A+
  • DKI affiliation enables us to succeed in even the largest commercial projects.
  • Technicians IICRC and CRA certified for disaster restoration services, with continuing education.
  • Maintain the latest equipment for building drying, contents restoration, mold removal, smoke and odor removal.
  • Maintain $4 million total insurance in liability and property damage, environmental pollution, and workman’s compensation as well as $1 million per incident vehicle insurance.
  • Xactimate computer estimating, coordinated with the insurance industry.
  • Work closely with all insurance carriers and their adjusters, and create complete and detailed documentation in a timely manner for smooth claims processing.

We’re the friendly Del Mar professionals who understand that technical expertise and customer care really matter.

Del Mar Water Damage Restoration

Any of a number of problems call for professional water damage repair:  firefighting and sprinklers, a leaky pipe or roof, a failed appliance (such as a burst washing machine hose or hot water heater), and those familiar Del Mar winter storms.  That water quickly makes its way past where you can see it and deep into the building itself.  In as little as 24 hours it can lead to mold as well as cause sheet rock and composition board to crumble and wood to warp and split.  And it takes a lot less water than you might think.

Completely drying out the building as quickly as possible prevents much or even all of that.  Our vortex drying system extracts surface water then dehumidifiers to pull out all harmful moisture.  We can accomplish as much drying in a few days as ventilation alone can in several weeks, protecting the building, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and more from secondary damage.

Flood Damage, Sewage Damage

Any water that’s been in contact with soil will be teaming with bacteria and viruses, and that goes without saying for a sewage backup.  So in addition to water removal and water damage repair, our flood restoration service focuses on exceptionally thorough cleaning and disinfection of the building.  Our flood damage restoration specialists will complete carpet and upholstery cleaning as well.

With disease organisms easily becoming airborne, proper sewage removal requires special expertise in containment and sanitation.  And when sewage extraction is necessary (the mess can’t be sent back down the drain), that includes meeting requirements for waste transportation through Del Mar on its way to disposal.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire restoration must begin immediately as many materials can only be rescued from discoloration within the first few hours.  Then there’s only a brief 1-2 day window to get ahead of smoke damage.  Throughout the fire damage restoration process our top priority is the safety and health of any remaining building occupants.  Next comes minimizing fire and smoke losses, including water damage restoration from firefighting.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Any type of smoke contains quite literally hundreds of harmful compounds.  That includes acids strong enough to corrode metal and even etch glass given just a bit of time.  Any porous material absorbs odorous compounds, and after a few day’s they’ve penetrated deeply enough that they can no longer be reached.  But they slowly work their way out, leading to fire odors that can last year after year.

Our unique “blasting” equipment quickly removes smoke, soot, and char from building surfaces and exposed structure.  For fixtures, cabinet and other hardware, furniture, and other building content our certified cleaning and restoration experts know exactly what specialized cleanser and process to use in order to thoroughly remove smoke without causing further damage.  Superior Restoration also has specialized odor removal equipment to permanently neutralize odors wherever they might be coming from, even deep within the structure itself

Del Mar Commercial Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Drawing on our Disaster Kleenup International affiliation we can draw on whatever resources are needed for whatever size building emergency you’re facing.  We have over 20 years experience in commercial fire and water damage, dealing with the unique characteristics of various types of commercial facilities, OSHA and inspection requirements, and the pressing needs of business.  Our goals are to minimize your losses, keep you in operation if at all possible, and get you back in full operation as quickly as possible.  Meeting those goals includes sitting down with you as part of your pre-loss contingency planning.

Mold Remediation

We’re a licensed mold certified company, carrying B and C-15 contractors licenses.  For safe, thorough spore and mold removal along with mold remediation to prevent a re-occurrence, we follow the IICRC S520 Standard Reference guide, one of the most comprehensive mold remediation processes there is.

Able to thrive in complete darkness with just a little moisture, you can have mold growth for weeks or months before you realize your Del Mar home or business has a mold problem.  Even if you don’t have one of the several toxic varieties such as black mold you may experience irritations and allergies that can lead to serious conditions.  So stop worrying about indoor air quality and building damage with our detailed mold inspection.  We’ll show you what we find, as we find it.  If there is indeed a problem our professionals will isolate the area to protect occupants as well as the rest of the building before proceeding with the best-approved process for your particular situation.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

For biohazard cleaning, trauma cleanup, and crime scene cleanup our certified microbial remediation technicians keep everyone safe and healthy, leaving your building and its contents clean and sanitary.  Working as a team, our various trauma scene cleanup specialists thoroughly restore the area so there’s no hazards nor painful reminders for you to deal with.

Del Mar, California Natural Disasters

Former home to such notables as Tony Hawk and Anthony Robins, Del Mar has roughly 1/4 the earthquake risk as the overall average for California.  But that’s not the only risk of natural disasters.  According to USA.com the area averages about 2 floods per year and a wildfire every 1 to 2 years (within 50 miles of Del Mar, averaged over 1950-2010).  And that’s not considering winter storm damage to individual homes and businesses. Don’t just put together an emergency kit — you also need a family or business disaster plan with annual meetings.  You can learn more at http://www.delmar.ca.us/281/Emergency-Preparedness.

But above all, remember that the large majority of property damage insurance claims aren’t caused by nature — they’re from building emergencies such as plumbing leaks and kitchen fires.  Regular maintenance, periodic inspections, and attention to safety go a long way in preventing these.