Water Damage Services Encinitas, California

If you’re going through residential or commercial water damage crisis in Encinitas, California you can put your mind at ease by calling Superior Restoration.  Time is critical in preventing further water damage or fire and smoke damage, and Superior has everything it takes to do just that. When it comes to water damage restoration there’s a one to two-day window to prevent progressive damage, and for fire damage repair that may only be a few hours.  So our crews with certified technicians and the latest equipment can be at your door in Encinitas within an hour, 24/365.  They’re also highly trained and experienced in mold remediation and biohazard cleaning for trauma scene cleanup.

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In business since 1995, we have over two decades of experience in water damage, fire damage and disaster restoration services.  Superior Restoration is a licensed general contractor with highly trained technicians certified in a wide range building restoration services.

With the highest BBB rating of A+, we’re members of leading cleaning and restoration organizations such as IICRC, and RIA.  With the best equipment in the industry, we’ll get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.  And through our affiliation with DKI we have a nationwide network of some 1,900 member companies to draw on for procedures, equipment, and manpower whenever there’s a disaster in Encinitas, California

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Water Damage Restoration

Surprisingly little water is needed to cause big problems.  That’s because it quickly soaks into the structure (even moving upwards in wall boards, framing, and insulation).  Even though surfaces may feel dry (especially during an Encinitas summer) moisture can remain at harmful levels deep down for many weeks, causing progressive deterioration starting the very first day.  That includes mold and bacteria growth, warping wood, and disintegrating drywall.  Only experts with all the right equipment can prevent that.

Flood Damage

Our flood damage specialists go well beyond simple pump-out and debris removal.  Our flood services mitigate against mold and all those other problems that may not turn up until days later when it’s too late to prevent higher repair bills.  We’ll provide thorough cleaning and disinfection, and most importantly our flood damage restoration will thoroughly dry and dehumidify the entire building, taking care of areas such as behind cabinets and within crawl spaces.

Sewage Damage Removal

This highly unsanitary job requires special worker protective gear.  We’ll also contain the sewage backup and set up isolation to protect your family or employees from airborne disease organisms.  After sewage extraction, we’ll provide exceptional cleaning and disinfection, including removing and either heat sanitizing or discarding all materials that came in direct contact.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire is indeed overwhelming. Providing full-service fire damage restoration calls on just about every special skill and piece of equipment we have.  Our work includes an assessment by a certified inspector, often followed by securing the building and temporary structural reinforcement.  We’ll pack out, sort, and treat furniture and other possessions while our other specialists clean, dry, and dehumidify the building.  Our crews will also take care of debris removal and any necessary demolition for heavily damaged areas.

Mold Remediation

Mold growth can become a big problem in as little as 24 hours after water damage, or can slowly grow and spread unseen in the darkness inside walls, under flooring, and in crawl spaces.  Considering the potentially very serious health consequences and the ease with which it spreads through essentially invisible spores floating in the air it, has to be taken very seriously.

Following ANSI/IICRC S520 and other regulations in effect in Encinitas we’re a Mold Certified Firm and carry B and C-15 contractor’s licenses for mold removal.  Following checklists to the letter we keep everyone safe through a careful process of inspection, isolation, mold removal, abatement, and odor removal.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Our certified biohazard and trauma cleanup specialists teamed with our highly professional cleaning and restoration crews are ready to discretely and respectfully take care of the entire effort.  We’ve been called in for unassisted death and suicide cleanup, crime scene cleanup, accidents, and biohazard cleaning for hoarding situations.

Encinitas Disaster Preparation

Over the last 60 years there have been well over 160 significant floods and 103 wildfires within 50 miles of Encinitas (usa.com).  So once you’re back on you feet and things are fresh in your mind it’s a great time to prepare for future incidents, whether natural disasters or just an emergency in your home or business.  The website http://www.ci.encinitas.ca.us/index.aspx?page=197  is a great place to start, and if you’d like some free training for yourself and to help others, check out http://patch.com/california/encinitas/calendar/event/20161109/58513/are-you-ready-encinitas-cert-disaster-preparedness-event.