Water Damage Services Escondido, California

When you’ve had a water damage emergency or just made it through an Escondido, California natural disaster you need our professional restoration services.  By acting as soon as possible we’ll mitigate against ongoing water damage, or fire and smoke damage, keeping repair costs to a minimum.  With experts and specialized equipment for fire damage repair, trauma scene cleanup, and water damage restoration we’re also a licensed mold remediation company.

We’re ready 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be at your Escondido home or business within an hour to help put your mind at ease and start putting your world back together.

Superior Training and Equipment

Our technicians are highly trained and certified by CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association), IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification), and/or RIA (Restoration Industry Association) in numerous areas of specialization.  We maintain a large inventory of specialized equipment.  That includes dry ice blasters (for smoke, char, soot, and mold removal), HEPA ( high-efficiency particulate air) filters and vacuums, commercial-grade air movers, vacuum water extraction equipment, and commercial-grade refrigerant dehumidifiers.

As an independent member of the DKI (Disaster Kleenup International, https://www.dkiservices.com/) nationwide network serving Escondido, we draw from their 40+ years of experience as an industry leader and can bring in the personnel and equipment needed to tackle problems of any complexity or scale, residential and commercial.

Insurance Assistance

Property insurance can get complicated, especially when it comes to mold, water, and flood damage.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will make sure that all the detailed documentation is provided in a timely way (including digitally submitting photographs) and work towards a smooth and swift claims process.   We use the industry-standard Xactimate software program for cost estimation.  Continually updated and acceptable to nearly all major insurance companies that make rates and estimates rarely a big issue.  Finally, we’ll get authorization from your insurer as well as from you before disposing of any items.

Escondido Water Damage Restoration

It doesn’t take major flood damage to leave you with big problems.  Whether from a winter storm and a roof leak, a leaky pipe, or perhaps a burst water heater or washing machine hose all but the smallest water intrusions and spills call for professional attention.  Building materials absorb and retain surprising amounts of water, for a surprisingly long time.  Weeks and even months, regardless of the Escondido season.  And time is working against you.  Within just a couple of days, drywall and plaster will have crumbled and wood floors along with wood structural framing will have swollen, warped, and begun to rot.  Water damage repairs can be expensive, so our first priority is minimizing their scope with rapid drying.  Our advanced methods typically do the job in just 3-4 days rather than the weeks and weeks it takes natural evaporation and ventilation.  Our vortex drying system begins with surface water extraction then proceeds through complete structural drying to bring trapped moisture down to safe levels even deep within the structure.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Our staff and crews are experienced in working with HOAs and property managers for water damage mitigation, repairs, and restorations.  That includes multi-family housing, office complexes, restaurants, and other commercial occupancies.  We’ll recover as much inventory as possible, rescue business records, and get you back in operation as quickly as possible.  Following regulations and codes ourselves, we’ll keep you appraised on EPA and OSHA issues as well as Escondido building codes, permits, and re-inspections.

Fire and Smoke Damage Removal in Escondido

If you’re feeling overwhelmed looking over the disaster scene, there’s probably a good reason.  Even small blazes require a whole host of fire restoration tasks.  And most require an expert’s training and knowledge.  Beyond securing the building, debris removal, and repairs fire damage restoration services must keep their workers and building occupants safe and understand the complex chemistry of ash, smoke, and soot.

Fire Damage Repair

Fire and smoke damage can be extensive, and with hoses and fire sprinklers so can water damage.  So beyond fire damage repairs, we provide comprehensive fire damage restoration services such as structural reinforcement, tarp over, board over, air scrubbing, demolition, debris removal, smoke and odor removal, and repairs for residential as well as commercial fires.  We’ll handle Escondido permit expediting and waivers to get things back to pre-loss condition as soon as it’s safely possible.

Smoke Damage

Smoke has a habit of making its way into every nook and cranny, including places far from the blaze itself.  It’s a complex mix of quite literally thousands of compounds, with hundreds causing harm such as staining, corrosion, and odors.  It penetrates into porous materials, and if not completely removed within the first few hours to a few days (depending on the material affected) damage becomes permanent.

Our smoke and odor removal services begin with mechanical removal, including dry ice blasting, then proceeds with washing using cleansers carefully selected for each item to be treated and the particular type of smoke (such as “dry,” “wet,” and “protein.”)  To permanently neutralize odors where cleaning can’t reach we use ozone generators.  They produce an eco-friendly gas that makes its way into the structure and penetrates into porous materials, safely destroying odor-causing compounds.

Sewage Removal

Sewage backups pose a major health hazard, and those disease organisms soon become airborne.  So our sewage extraction services begin with isolating the affected areas prior to actual sewage removal.  Our microbial remediation specialists then make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with all materials that came in direct contact either sterilized or replaced.

Mold Removal

Today’s tighter-build houses save energy but are more prone to mold growth.  Floating on the weakest of air currents, mold spores are already everywhere and can get out of hand within 24 hours of a water incident, or just high humidity due to a failed bathroom vent.  Since it doesn’t need light, it can remain hidden for weeks.  But regardless of the species or color, it’s much more than a matter of appearance.  It presents airborne health hazards and causes progressive building damage.

Superior restoration is a Mold Certified Firm, and we follow the IICRC S520 standard and guide for mold remediation.  That process begins with protecting against the spread of spores and contaminants followed by thorough spore and mold removal by any of several approved methods.  Mold remediation may also include anti-fungal treatments and air duct cleaning.  Porous building materials must be removed and replaced.  As a licensed carpentry and flooring contractor we can complete those repairs as well.

A Bit About Escondido, California

Among the oldest cities in San Diego County, Escondido incorporated way back in 1888 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escondido,_California).  With mild summers and wet winters it’s unfortunately a good location for mold growth.  And that’s not all.  From 1950 through 2010 there were 810 “extreme weather” events within a 50 mile radius according to USA.com.  That includes an average of nearly 4 floods and over 3 wildfires per year.  But don’t forget that most water fire and smoke damage originates from maintenance issues and accidents within each property.

On a brighter note, if you’re interested in upcoming local arts and culture events in Escondido, check out http://visitescondido.com/.