Water Damage Services Imperial Beach, California

Serving all Imperial Beach, California 24/7 We provide professional water damage removal, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services 365 days a year  We’re also experts in smoke and odor removal as well as trauma scene cleanup.

If you’ve suffered any sort of building damage in Imperial Beach you need professional restoration services.  That’s especially true for fire and smoke damage as well as for water damage restoration.  Without it destruction and losses grow by the day.  Our trained professionals are also needed to remediate the biohazards associated with flood and mold damage cleanup.  Time is of the essence so we provide 24 hour cleanup and restoration services, with a 1 hour emergency response time for Imperial Beach.

We’ve been providing disaster restoration services in the Imperial Beach area since 1995 and hold the BBB’s highest A+ rating.  We’re a licensed California general contractor. Our highly trained and independently certified restoration specialists cover the wide range of restoration services involved in fire damage repair, mold removal, trauma scene cleanup, and water damage restoration.  And we arm them with the latest cutting-edge equipment.

Imperial Beach Water Damage Restoration

Whether from a major Imperial Beach flood or just a roof leak or tub overflow, lingering dampness leads to mold and other damage in as little as 24 hours.  That includes wood swelling and warping (and, untreated, eventually rotting) in the structure, flooring, cabinets, and furniture.  Drywall swells and often crumbles, and given time even concrete weakens.

Deeply soaked moisture can last for weeks, even a month or more in humid locations.  But our vortex drying system removes all excess moisture (even that deep within the structure itself), typically in 3-4 days, using tested and proven advanced techniques.  That speeds recovery and keeps water damage repairs to a minimum.

As a DKI affiliate we can draw from the resources of their nationwide network and be ready for even the largest of commercial water damage restoration projects.

Flood Services

Floodwater quickly picks up bacteria and other disease organisms that then multiply and flourish.  So our residential and commercial flood service goes beyond debris and water removal.  Following IICRC as well as other standards and guidelines for flood damage restoration, we complete the health precautions along with the thorough cleaning and disinfection necessary for water contaminated with disease organisms before moving on to water restoration.

Mold Remediation

If you can see or smell mold, there’s likely even more hiding in the darkness inside walls and under flooring.  From there it releases spores and compounds that comprise air quality, leading to allergies and potentially very serious health conditions.  Mold growth also damage building materials such as drywall and wood, requiring their replacement. Mold is a common problem in beach communuties like Imperial Beach, California. We’re a certified mold firm and follow IICRC S520 standard for mold remediation (http://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s520/).  That includes mold assessment by a certified inspector, following the R520 reference guide for protecting against spread, and proper spore and mold removal methods.  We can also correct the moisture problem that lead to the outbreak as well as carpet and air duct cleaning as further measures against a recurrence.

Imperial Beach Fire Damage Repair

Some materials can only be recovered if treated within the first several hours.  So our residential and commercial fire services begin with a careful inspection and safety assessment to prioritize and schedule all activities.  Work is likely to begin with board up and roof covers before directly attending to fire and smoke damage to the building.  Due to firefighting efforts, fire damage restoration usually includes water damage mitigation as well.

We’ll also take care of furniture and other building contents.  Our pack out services removes them from a contaminated environment to our facility near Imperial Beach for treatment and storage.  We’ll maintain inventory control all along the way, with records for you and your insurance company.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke damage is often extensive, discoloring walls and ceilings, furniture, drapes, and just about everything.  Frequently traveling far from the blaze itself smoke’s acidic compounds also corrode metal and even etch glass.  So prompt and through cleaning with specialized detergents and techniques is necessary to head off permanent damage.  Smoke’s odor-causing compounds make their way through the smallest of openings and penetrate into porous materials.  Specialized equipment such as our ozone generators are necessary to reach and safely break down those compounds to prevent fire odors that otherwise can linger for years.

About Insurance

Most standard property insurance policies cover water damage and fire damage restoration from causes that originated on your property, provided that they didn’t result from neglecting good maintenance.  Unfortunately, some policies have a specific exclusion for mold and only flood insurance covers inundations from storms and similar flooding.  Coverage does include professional mitigation measures to prevent secondary damage; in fact most policies require it.

We’ll work with your carrier and their Imperial Beach agents to help with your claims process.  We’ll provide initial documentation within 24 hours, including submitting emergency estimates and digital photographs online.  We’ll also hold unsalvageable items for your agent’s inspection and your approval before disposing of them.

Imperial Beach Disaster Prep

Even though it’s listed among the top-10 best weather locations in the US (Farmer’s Almanac, https://www.almanac.com/), usa.com reports a total of 446 extreme-weather events within 50 miles of Imperial Beach for their latest 60-year period.  That includes on-average roughly 2 floods and 2 significant wildfires per year.  So once you’re through your current catastrophe it makes sense to become fully prepared, and perhaps take free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.  You can learn more at http://www.imperialbeachca.gov/index.asp?SEC=2BFFD696-1E1E-425C-89F5-C682E2134DAE&Type=B_BASIC.