Water Damage Services La Jolla, California

Serving all La Jolla, California 24/7 We provide professional water damage removal, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services 365 days a year  We’re also experts in smoke and odor removal as well as trauma scene cleanup.

A full-service damage restoration contractor, we’re a single company that can take care of everything start to finish.  From initial inspections and emergency mitigation to meet insurance requirements onwards to reconstruction and final cleanup.  You’ll appreciate our devotion to exceptional quality and outstanding customer service every step of the way.

We’ve been providing disaster restoration services in the La Jolla area since 1995 and hold the BBB’s highest A+ rating.  We’re a licensed California general contractor. Our highly trained and independently certified restoration specialists cover the wide range of restoration services involved in fire damage repair, mold removal, trauma scene cleanup, and water damage restoration.  And we arm them with the latest cutting-edge equipment.

Water Damage Restoration

Most people expect water damage after La Jolla winter storm flooding or a ruptured water heater.  But roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and even a tub or toilet overflow are actually enough to cause “flood damage” beyond what you can see on the surface.  Building materials absorb a surprising amount of water in just a few minutes, and it takes a surprisingly long time (as much as several weeks) for that moisture to migrate back out and evaporate.  All that time various materials such as drywall and wood (including cabinets and a building’s structure) swell, crumble, warp, and buckle.  It all starts in as little as one day.

Our flood services use the latest in rapid structural drying technology and methods to keep water damage repairs to a minimum.  Advanced vacuum surface water extraction robs mold of the high humidity it needs to grow, then carefully monitored and controlled refrigerant dehumidifiers draw out deeply-soaked dampness in just a few days.  Our water restoration expertise covers the full process, from pump-out and disinfection all the way to repairs and reconstruction.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

With our own La Jolla resources combined with those of DKI we can tackle even the largest flood damage restoration jobs.  We understand the special needs and priorities of businesses including the costs of any and all downtime, inventory rescue and tracking, and OSHA requirements.  We’ll help you maintain partial operations whenever possible, get through permits and re-inspections, and get back to full operations as quickly as possible.


Fire Damage Restoration in La Jolla

Even if not extensive, fire and smoke damage are complex and pose both health risks and technical challenges.  In addition to burning and charring, many building materials (as well as fiberglass showers and tubs, counter tops, appliances, and others) are warped and discolored by the heat.  These and other materials may additionally experience smoke and water damage that can be avoided if the right mitigation procedures are used within the first 1-2 days.

Fire Damage Repair

The first priority of fire restoration is securing the building and protecting the remaining building occupants.  That alone calls for our certified inspectors and specialized equipment.  Next comes debris removal, emergency cleaning, and water remediation.  Finally, we can complete fire damage repairs and reconstruction.  That includes emergency wavers and expediting La Jolla building permits.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Dealing with ash, soot, and smoke is often the major portion of fire damage restoration efforts.  Smoke damage is pervasive, as its tiny particles can seep just about anywhere to coat surfaces and penetrate into porous materials.  Without immediate and thorough removal fire odors can linger for years.  In the short term, smoke’s acidic compounds corrode any uncoated metals in just days and even etch porcelain and glass given just a bit longer.  Other compounds stain walls, furniture, drapes, and other items and those stains become permanent without immediate professional cleaning.

Our special equipment blasts away char, soot, and smoke while other gear permanently neutralizes all odors, even those trapped inside building cavities.  We also prevent permanent smoke damage through meticulous cleaning with unique detergents and counter-agents.  With our professional smoke and odor removal anything not replaced will be completely clean and odor free.

La Jolla Professional Mold Remediation

Mold thrives anywhere there’s dampness.  It actually prefers darkness, so it’s often well hidden but still causing odors, allergies, or worse.  Superior is a certified mold firm that adheres strictly to the IICRC S520 (http://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s520/) for everyone’s health & safety as well as for the most thorough spore and mold removal possible.  We begin with inspection and testing then proceed through the mold remediation stages of isolation and ventilation, mold removal, and transporting sealed wastes through La Jolla on their way to disposal.  Mold growth invades porous building materials, and these must be replaced.  So in addition to correcting the original moisture problem our crews will take care of repairs.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

A major accident or accidental death leaves behind more than an emotionally devastating scene.  It also leaves behind health hazards that call for specialists such as our certified biohazard cleaning technicians.  Our biohazard and trauma cleanup crews will disinfect, clean, and restore everything to its original appearance with trauma scene cleanup services that are thorough, respectful, and discrete.


La Jolla Precautions

Compared to much of Southern California La Jolla has a comparatively low risk of natural disasters.  The earthquake risk less a third that of the state average, and there’s a similarly low incidence of extreme weather events.  But the earthquake risk is more than three times that of the US average, and over the long term there has been an average of 2.4 floods and 1.7 wildfires within a 50-mile radius of downtown La Jolla.  So it’s well worth the effort to stay prepared for such disasters and take preventive measures against building emergencies such as fires and plumbing failures.  (Data from http://www.usa.com/la-jolla-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm.)