Water Damage Services Laguna Niguel, California

Have a fire or water emergency in Laguna Niguel?  Even for relatively small incidents time is working against you.  Only the fast expert action keeps smoke and water damage from continuing to grow unchecked.  The longer it goes untreated the greater your losses will be.  Our water damage restoration teams along with our fire and smoke damage crews are ready to go 24 hours a day and can be at your Laguna Niguel home or business in an hour or less.  With anti-microbial specialists, we’re also always ready for trauma scene cleanup and mold removal services.

Water Damage Restoration

It doesn’t take a deluge to cause water damage, so don’t delay taking action for any incident that soaks more than a small area.  Water quickly penetrates so deeply that under natural conditions in Laguna Niguel it remains trapped for several weeks.  Mold and bacteria can really get going in just a day or two.  The same goes for damage to drywall (gypsum board or sheetrock).  Wood quickly warps, buckles, and splits.  Professional water damage restoration teams with all the right equipment typically take 3-4 days to completely dry out a structure, so it’s clear that work must begin in the first 24 hours to avoid secondary damage.

Our vortex system provides the fastest controlled drying around.  It starts with surface water extraction then combines high-capacity fans and refrigerant dehumidifiers to pull out all excess moisture from deep within the structure itself.  Our water restoration team is also ready with flood services.  Adding rapid pump-out with expert cleaning and disinfection keeps flood damage to a minimum.

Mold Remediation in Laguna Niguel

Mold spores are already everywhere.  They only need a little lingering moisture to grow into a big problem.  And that can happen completely unseen, underneath the carpet and even inside walls. Besides damaging the building it poses potentially very serious health risks to building occupants.  Our certified mold removal technicians follow IICRC S520 (http://publications.iicrc.org/current-standards/s520-2015?qr=1) standards for mold remediation, including proper mold inspection, precautions against spreading contamination, and odor removal.  Many of our clients are surprised at the fresh clean smell of their homes after our services.

Superior Restoration

We’ve been serving Laguna Niguel and other select Southern California cities since 1995.  That’s nearly a quarter-century of doing things right and earning our Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+.  With us each project is unique and each customer is valued.

We guarantee all our work 100%.

Superior Restoration is a licensed California contractor with $4 million of insurance coverage, including workman’s compensation and property liability.  Our restoration specialists receive ongoing training in stopping the progress of mold and bacteria as well as in the many other aspects of smoke and water damage.  They’re independently certified by the leading organizations of CRA, IICRC, and RIA.  We maintain our own large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment and as a member of the Disaster Kleenup nationwide network, we can draw on their extensive resources.  That lets us tackle the largest of projects even during regional disasters.

Our expert staff members will work directly with your insurance company, and already know many of their Laguna Niguel adjusters.  We use the same software, Xactimate, as most leading insurers to create our detailed estimates.  That along with taking all the required mitigation measures and providing timely documentation means smoother sailing for your claim.

Laguna Niguel

Most fire and water damage results from building and appliance problems.  So Laguna Niguel residents and business owners need to stay on top of maintenance.  They also need to be prepared for earthquakes and other emergencies.  As reported by USA.com, over a recent 60-year period there was an average of 1 major wildfire and 2.7 significant flooding incidents within 50 miles.  The City of Laguna Niguel has posted useful information on their page