Water Damage Services Mission Viejo, California

Had a major building emergency in Mission Viejo?  Or just a flare-up on the stove or bathtub overflow?  It may not look serious, but fire and smoke damage, water damage, and mold removal call for professional services more often than most people think.  With the right techniques and tools applied immediately fire damage repairs can actually be reduced.  And professional water damage restoration removes soaked-in dampness before it has time to cause harm.  And an accident, crime, or another trauma scene may immediately present health hazards.

Actions in the first 24 hours are the most critical in preventing secondary damage, so our cleaning and restoration specialists are ready 24 hours a day.  They can be i your Mission Viejo home or business within 60 minutes for an assessment and plan of action by a certified inspector.

Water Damage Restoration

Anything that soaks more than a small area of flooring in a single room will have seeped into the sub-floor and be creeping upwards inside walls.  Wood swells, warps, and splits.  Drywall simply disintegrates.  Wiring and plumbing corrode.  Harmful moisture can remain trapped for several weeks, even in Mission Viejo summers.  Worse still, that progressive damage can go on unseen hidden behind seemingly dry surfaces.

So we begin with a thorough inspection, testing not just indoor humidity and surface dampness but also measuring moisture levels deep inside the structure.  We then provide the fastest drying for maximum recovery.  That not only gets your life back to normal as quickly as possible, but it also minimizes lost possessions and water damage repairs to the building.

Water Damage Removal

Our vortex drying system keeps water damage repairs to a minimum.  It includes surface water extractors, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment so that complete structural drying typically takes just 3 to 4 days, start to finish.

Flood Damage Restoration

Any standing water soon becomes filled with disease organisms.  If it’s been contact with soil it actually needs to be treated the same as raw sewage!  Our anti-microbial specialists keep everyone safe, and assure absolutely meticulous cleaning and disinfecting.  We can then proceed with other flood damage restoration such as drying, debris removal, and repairs.

Sewage Removal

Have a toilet or sewer backup?  Our sewage removal teams are well qualified for sewage extraction and proper transport through Mission Viejo Streets.  In addition to expert overall disinfection, any porous materials that were in direct contact must be heat sterilized or encapsulated.  We can take care of all of that as well as permanent odor removal.

Mission Viejo Mold Remediation

Whether from a dramatic water intrusion or just a poorly ventilated bathroom during Mission Viejo’s rainy season, mold growth can also be doing more building damage than is visible on the surface.  And even when completely inside a wall mold problems present a significant health hazard.

We’re a certified mold removal company and follow the IICRC S520 Standard Reference Guide (http://publications.iicrc.org/current-standards/s520-2015?qr=1) to the letter to prevent spreading mold spores and toxins while completing thorough removal and abatement.  We leave your home or business clean and safe, with no musty odors.

Mission Viejo CA

Did you know Mission Viejo is among the largest single-project master-planned communities in the country?  Unfortunately, its exposure to weather extremes is pretty typical for Southern California.  According to USA.com, there were 174 floods, 66 wildfires, and 203 high-wind incidents within 50 miles of the city during 1950-2010.  So it pays to be prepared.  The City of Mission Viejo’s website includes emergency preparedness guidelines broken down into a step-by-step focus for each month of the year.  You can find them at http://www.usa.com/mission-viejo-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm