Water Damage Services Oceanside, California

Facing a disaster in Oceanside, California?  If it’s small, don’t let it become big.  If it’s big, don’t feel overwhelmed and delay taking action.  Most homeowners and many business owners don’t understand how fire and water damage quickly become worse, often hidden from view inside the structure itself.  The experts at Superior Restoration don’t just repair water, fire, and smoke damage — they prevent it.  With a focus on water damage restoration our professional fire and flood services include mold remediation, and we’re experts in trauma scene cleanup as well.

The first 1-2 days after a destructive incident are critical in preventing further deterioration through various mitigation measures, as required for insurance coverage.  So we’re ready 24 hours a day everyday, for an arrival in Oceanside in an hour or less.

Why Choose Superior Restoration?

  • Superior Experience We’ve been providing outstanding disaster restoration services since 1995 — that’s over two decades of serving the Oceanside community.  We’re members of the world-leading professional organizations IICRC, CRA, and RIA and are a DKI affiliate.  We also hold the highest possible A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Superior Qualifications Our technicians are certified in a broad range of specialties from those same organizations, and receive ongoing education so they’re always up to date in the latest procedures.  Our company is a fully licensed contractor and maintains $1 million in liability and property damage insurance on top of $2 million in workers compensation and $2 million in environmental pollution insurance.
  • Superior Equipment We maintain a huge inventory of specialized gear far more effective than that of ordinary cleaning companies and remodeling/construction contractors.  That includes high-volume pumps, high-performance water extraction vacuums, vortex drying systems, refrigerant dehumidifiers, dry-ice blasters (to remove char, soot, and smoke), and ozone generators for odor removal.

Our goal is to be the long-term leader in Oceanside, so you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Oceanside Water Damage Restoration

Of course major flood damage calls for immediate drying, cleaning, and disinfecting. But not all water damage is obvious, nor is a small incident’s potential for future destruction.  A roof leak or plumbing leak can remain hidden for months while causing serious structural damage.  And it doesn’t take a plumbing catastrophe for enough liquid to soak through flooring and up into walls to linger for weeks leading to more and more extensive water damage repairs.  Following IICRC S500 guidelines (https://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s500/) we address both drying and sanitization needs.

Serious mold growth can get going in just 24 hours, regardless of the season in Oceanside’s mild climate. Wood swells and warps whether its hardwood flooring, floor boards, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, or even structural framing.  Drywall and plaster soon crumble.  Dampness raises indoor air humidity, putting furniture and other items at risk as well.

So the main objective of our water restoration flood services is to get everything thoroughly dried out as quickly as possible.  We do that, typically in 3-4 days (rather than the weeks mother nature would take), with surface water extraction from walls and ceilings as well as from floors.  That immediately dehumidifies, then we use refrigerant dehumidifiers and other equipment for building structural dry out to reach every last bit of excess moisture deep within the building’s construction.  Meanwhile we’ll also be taking care of debris removal, cleaning, disinfecting, and odor removal.

24/7 Immediate Response Restoration Services
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Commercial Restoration Services

85% of all commercial buildings will experience some form of water damage.  Through our DKI affiliation we have access to all the equipment, manpower, and expertise needed for just about any scale of commercial flood service and fire damage restoration.  We’ll get you back in full operation quickly and safely, and wherever possible isolate affected areas so that you can continue with ongoing partial operations.  Our commercial water restoration services are ready for retail shops, hotels and motels, churches and other places of worship, restaurants, and health care facilities.  Either after the fact or as part of your contingency planning we can be an important part of your recovery team.

Mold Removal

It’s in the air.  Mold spores are just about everywhere outdoors, and usually make their way indoors.  With just a little moisture (they don’t need light) they can cover walls but can also be thriving out of sight in crawl spaces, under flooring, and inside walls.  Those airborne spores lead to allergies and flu-like symptoms, and trigger asthma attacks and upper respiratory infections.  Worse yet, many varieties (include a species of black mold) release toxins that with prolonged exposure lead to very serious health conditions.  Without prompt mold removal growth also deteriorates just about any porous material, whether drywall, wood, fabric, paper, or whatever.

Super Flood is a Mold Certified Firm with B and C-15 contractor’s licensing, so we’re fully qualified for mold remediation.  OSHA regulations protect our workers, and also apply to commercial building occupants and employees.  We protect you and your home or business by following the IICRC S520 Reference Guide.  So you know you’ll receive the best in inspection and testing, spore and mold removal, abatement treatments, and proper disposal of hazardous wastes.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire restoration requires a host of technical expertise and just plain hard work.  Our team has what it takes.

  • Safety and Health After an expert assessment board ups, tarp overs, and shoring may be necessary to secure the building.  We’ll also set up air purification to remove toxins and reduce the spread of contamination.
  • Fire Damage Repair Recovery begins with debris removal and demolition of heavily damaged parts of the structure.
  • Water Damage Restoration When fire hoses or sprinklers are involved rapid drying and mold abatement are critical.
  • Contents Pack Out With smoke and water it’s crucial to get furniture and other belongings out of the affected area.  Our pack out services transfer them to our facility just a few miles from Oceanside for secure storage after treatment under climate-controlled conditions.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Our trauma scene cleanup experts are ready for the special biohazard remediation, cleaning, and restoration needs of accident, unattended death, and crime scene cleanup tasks.  The health hazards can be serious, so training and certification are critical.  Not that you would want to have to directly face such a difficult experience yourself.  Our crews arrive and depart discretely, and work considerately to restore at least the room to the way it was before.

Oceanside, California Floods and Fires

We’ve explained how there’s a 1-2 day window of opportunity to minimize the extent and cost of fire and water damage repairs.  But in a widespread disaster your focus will be on getting your and your family through the first 72 hours, possibly on you own.  The website http://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/gov/fire/div/disaster_preparedness_/default.asp is a great place to start for information tailored to the Oceanside area.  As you may have unfortunately found out, it’s not just a matter of earthquakes.  For the years 1950-2010 there were 266 floods, 219 wildfires, and 74 high-wind incidents plus 407 other “extreme weather” events within 50 miles of downtown Oceanside (http://www.usa.com/oceanside-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  And stay prepared — it doesn’t have to be an El Nino year for unusually heavy rains.