Water Damage Services Solana Beach, California

Have a building water damage emergency in Solana Beach, California?  Superior Restoration is a full-service contractor specializing in fire damage, smoke damage, flood removal, mold remediation, trauma scene cleanup and water damage restoration.

With the highest BBB rating of A+, we’re members of leading cleaning and restoration organizations such as IICRC, and RIA. We’re also a DKI associate.  Disaster Kleenup International has some 1,900 associated companies in North America and they have been leading the industry for over 40 years.

We maintain the full spectrum of restoration equipment and technician certifications so that we can be the single company that meets all your restoration needs.  That includes the following.

  • High-performance water extraction gear
  • Industry-specific dehumidifiers and blowers for building dry out
  • HEPA air purifiers to remove smoke, mold spores, and other contaminants
  • HEPA vacuums for mold removal
  • Advanced sterilization and cleaning equipment

Our skilled construction crews are also ready and well qualified for just about any repair and reconstruction need.

Flood and Water Damage Removal

We are well known in Solana Beach and beyond for the quality of our flood damage restoration work. We’ll quickly get your life back to normal and your home or business back to pre-loss condition.  Our flood services include pump out and water damage restoration, debris cleanup, repairs, and reconstruction.  When sources of water have been in contact with the ground our specialists will take care of disinfection and prevent the spread of airborne disease organisms.  And with any standing water or saturation, building drying must be as fast as possible and absolutely thorough.

It takes a lot less water than you might think to lead to water damage.  Those problems can start in as little as 24 hours and continue for many weeks.  That’s because water makes its way through the carpet and tiny cracks, quickly penetrating deeply into building materials. There it promotes mold growth, causes wood to swell and warp, and severely damages sheetrock and plaster as natural evaporation takes weeks to bring moisture down to safe levels.  But we accomplish drying in just a few days.  We’ll also treat cabinets, furniture, and other possessions.

Our Vortex System combines liquid water extraction (that’s hundreds of times more effective than natural evaporation and up to twice as effective as competitive technologies) with reducing humidity to pull out deep-down moisture as quickly as possible.  To complete your water damage recovery we’ll also attend to cleaning and disinfection as well as water damage repairs.

Mold Removal

Mold can show up as part of water damage in as little as 24 hours, or may slowly develop over weeks or months anywhere there’s excessive moisture.  That can be unseen in the dark inside walls, behind cabinets, or under floors.  It’s also important to remember that not all toxic varieties are black, and that even non-toxic species can cause serious illness.  Not to mention damaging your home or business, smelling bad, and looking worse.

We do everything by the book to keep everyone safe and minimize the chances of re-growth.  Our mold remediation process begins with inspection and testing and if needed followed by isolating the work area, thorough spore and mold removal, and proper disposal of all wastes.  Our work may also include applying eco-friendly mildicide, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and replacing contaminated porous building materials that had to be removed.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Even a small blaze typically calls for a variety of specialist services.  We’ll take care of immediate building needs such as board ups, tarp overs, and reinforcement as well as furniture and other contents protection and restoration with pack out services and off-site treatment near Solana Beach.

Beyond fire damage repairs for burned parts of the structure, building materials and building contents swell and buckle, discolor and stain, and are hit by water damage from fire fighting.  Smoke damage is often extensive, with smoke and odor removal high priorities in fire damage restoration.  Char, soot, and smoke contain thousands of different chemical compounds, including hundreds that are odor-causing, corrosive, and toxic.  Special cleaning procedures must be prompt, thorough, and tailored to each situation.  Most likely we’ll also use dry-ice blasting to safely remove char and smoke from building surfaces as well as ozone generators for odor removal from deep within the structure.

Commercial Restoration Services

We always set high standards for ourselves and are mindful of the urgent priorities of businesses.  As part of our Solana Beach commercial fire services and commercial water damage restoration services, we may be able to provide containment and isolation that allows you to remain in partial operation and then return you to full operations as soon as it’s safely possible.  That includes meeting OSHA requirements for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your employees.

Going forward, why not include us in your pre- and post-loss contingency planning.  Our expertise can fill in many details, including preparation for restaurant re-inspections and health facility certification for operation.

How To Be Disaster Ready in Solana Beach

Emergency supply kits and annual family or employee meetings are a great idea for making your next catastrophe a bit easier to get through.  You can find great disaster-preparation information at http://www.ci.solana-beach.ca.us/index.asp?SEC=0B457F17-CD6D-464E-9723-AF56EC17F558&Type=B_BASIC.  To be fully prepared to help yourself and others you can sign up for CERT training at http://www.ci.solana-beach.ca.us/index.asp?SEC=A2131F7F-AF6A-4D64-B8A8-777B9FEC408D&Type=B_BASIC.  There’s no charge for anyone living or working in Solana Beach.