Water Damage Services Vista, California

If you’ve had any sort of building emergency involving fire damage, water damage, or mold in Vista, California then time is working against you.  You need immediate action to reduce ongoing secondary damage — that’s why we’re ready with a fast 1-hour response in Vista, 24/365.  Our company offers outstanding professional services such as fire damage repair, water damage restoration, and mold remediation.

Choose Superior Restoration for Work You Can Count On

We’re a full-service disaster restoration service contractor, with highly trained certified technicians in specialist areas such as trauma scene cleanup (including crime scene cleanup), fire and smoke damage restoration, mold removal, and flood services.  In business serving the Vista area since 1995 our company is a member of industry-leading professional organizations such as CRA, IICRC, and RIA and hold the highest of ratings (A+) from the Better Business Bureau.  We’re properly licensed and fully insured, with coverage totaling $5 million plus $1 million per vehicle incident.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Don’t let a small problem become a big problem.  By IICRC’s S500 standard and reference guide, if your emergency has flooded more than a small area of flooring you urgently need professional water restoration services.  Otherwise, within just a few days you’ll likely be facing additional water damage repairs such as replacing carpet and drywall, or even structural repairs.  Using their advanced training and the latest in equipment our technicians complete surface water extraction then create the optimum environment for structural drying.  The process typically takes 3-4 days, compared to several weeks for natural evaporation regardless of the season or weather in Vista.

And if you’re dealing with true flooding (water rising, crossing your lawn, and making its way into your home or business) our flood damage experts will attend to additional cleanup and repair needs and our anti-microbial specialists will deal with the additional threat of germs and other soil disease organisms.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage continue to grow long after the flames are out.  Beyond immediate destruction firefighting water, smoke, and soot can put the entire building at risk.  Without immediate mitigation, you’ll have a lot more than fire damage repairs to deal with.  So our fire restoration services include quickly drying out the entire structure before mold growth and other water damage has time to take hold.  Smoke removal is a technically challenging task, putting our experts and special equipment to the test.  Once accessible surfaces and building contents have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, we’ll use another round of unique equipment for permanent smoke odor removal.

Mold Remediation

Mold thrives in complete darkness, so if you see any of its fuzzy blotches there’s probably a bigger mold problem that you can’t see.  Or you may notice a musty odor, an uptick in allergies, or ongoing flu-like symptoms.  Our professional mold inspections will either lead to identifying mold growth and removing it or putting your mind at ease.

Following IICRC S520 standards and guidance for complete mold remediation (http://www.iicrc.org/consumers/care/mold-remediation/) our specialists begin with isolating the affected areas to prevent the spread of mold spores, toxins, and allergens.  They’ll then perform physical mold removal following industry best-practices, apply non-toxic antifungals, and as needed clean and decontaminate other parts of the building

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Biohazard and trauma cleanup are things you don’t want to face yourself, and shouldn’t.  Besides the emotional distress, accident trauma scene cleanup and crime scene cleanup pose disease and often chemical toxin hazards (such as tear gas residue).  Plus proper cleaning and sanitization require specialized training.  So let our anti-microbial remediation, cleaning, and restoration technicians take care of everything quickly, respectfully, and discretely.

Commercial Disaster Restoration

Our DKI affiliation qualifies us to take on major commercial projects, and our years of experience have taught us the special concerns and priorities affecting commercial fire damage repairs and water damage restoration.  Along with the above services, we’ll help you meet OSHA and health department regulations while restoring you to full operation as quickly and efficiently as possible.  That includes recovery, pack out, treatment, and storage of inventory and equipment, with a detailed paper trail, maintained all along the way.

Stay Prepared

We all worry about natural disasters in and around Vista, but building emergencies such as plumbing failures are the major cause of property damage insurance claims.  Even so, it’s important to be prepared for the worst.  For the health and safety of Vista families and businesses, the web page http://www.cityofvista.com/city-government/emergency-preparedness provides links to the preparation and alert information.  If you want to take an active role in protecting you can find out about Vista’s participation in CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) at http://www.cityofvista.com/Home/Components/News/News/1643/18?backlist=%2F.