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Are you dealing with a tragic event?  Whether an accident at work or a loved one passing away, it’s an unexpected loss that’s difficult to get through.  In a perfect world it would never have happened.  But even in an imperfect world you don’t have to face it alone, especially the distressing aftermath.  Nor should you.  Our trauma scene cleanup services spare you the health risks of bio-hazard remediation and the practical and personal difficulties of specialist cleaning needs.

Superior Restoration serves the needs of individuals, businesses, healthcare facilities, and geriatric care facilities with 24 hour services.  Our experts are well prepared and well equipped for hoarder clutter removal, crime scene cleaning, unattended death cleaning, suicide cleanup, and similar situations.  To help with your own recovery, our crews are discrete and efficient for the least least disturbance in your life and for those around you.

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma scene cleaning demands special training.  Following blood cleanup by a bio-hazard specialist, expert knowledge and experience are required for stain prevention and stain removal.  In crime scene cleanup solutions are required for pepper spray and tear gas removal — anything less could leave you with days or weeks of burning eyes or other irritations.  And only experts can assure the best results in carpet and upholstery cleaning, and in restoring treasured items.  A full-service company such as ours can also deal with additional restoration needs such as painting and repairs.

Bodily Trauma

Many types of bodily injury, from accidents to murders, call for specialist trauma scene cleanup to deal with blood and other bodily fluids.  Suicide cleanup, an unattended death (any occurring outside of a healthcare facility), and crime scene cleanup all require far more than maid or everyday cleaning services.  Besides a high risk of transmitting communicable risk from various bio-hazards, specialist skills are necessary to deal with the unusual conditions.  Health and safety come first, followed by cleaning and restoring the scene to be ready for occupancy, with no painful reminders remaining.

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Bio-hazard Remediation

Our bio-hazard remediation services address several concerns.  Our certified anti-microbial technicians attend to blood borne disease organisms that can become airborne, as well as pathogen growth promoted by other bodily fluids.  Our other specialists may also be called in to deal with any harmful chemicals present at the scene.  We use only industry best-practices and proven commercial-grade disinfectants, with meticulous attention to cleaning and sanitizing.  Besides air duct cleaning, that includes attending to often overlooked details such as underneath cabinetry and behind baseboards.

It should be noted that no one should enter a trauma scene area unless absolutely necessary, and then only with personal protection such as face masks, gloves, and other protective clothing.

Odor Removal

Particularly difficult to talk about, there may also be a need for odor removal due to decomposition.  That could be the result of an unaccompanied death as in some suicide cleanups, or simply rodents, roaches, or food left behind by hoarders.  This is usually more than just a matter of the right detergents for surface removal.  Our foggers and ozone generators completely neutralize odors in the building, furniture, clothing, and belongings wherever they might be.

A Word on Insurance Coverage

Many, but far from all, situations that call for trauma scene cleanup are covered by standard business and homeowners policies.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss this with you before, during, and after our visits to your location.  If an insurance claim is appropriate we’ll work with your insurer directly with on-line submittals and 2-way conversations so there should be no surprises.  With our affordable rates there should be no need to settle for lesser clean up services.

We Will Work With Your Insurance Company Directly

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