Water Damage and Mold Remediation Oceanside, California

Project Details


Residential Client

Oceanside, CA

Reason for the Project

The rising groundwater was the cause of this loss. It was entering the dining area from a glass door entrance.

Details of Services Performed

Due to the water spreading and affecting multiple materials, we had to set up containment to divide our work area from the rest of the house. This kept any mold spores from spreading and minimized the dust to just the containment area. We also covered some upper cabinets, so they weren't affected by the demo debris. We removed the lower cabinets on both sides of the room because the drywall behind them was showing high elevated moisture readings. Once the drywall was out, we then removed the wet and affected hardwood flooring. All the material that was showing high elevated moisture readings was removed. The structural material was treated with an anti-microbial spray to kill off any bacterial growth that could have potentially been present.

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