Smoke Damage Repair in Poway California

Expert Smoke Damage Repair Services in Poway California

Need expert smoke damage repair services? Immediate action prevents further deterioration and starts getting your life back to normal right away. We can be at your door anywhere in Poway, CA within 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Feeling overwhelmed and need smoke damage repair services upon which you can rely? Superior Restoration is a full-service company that can take care of it all anywhere in Poway, CA. Our smoke restoration specialists have all the training, experience, and equipment needed for top-quality smoke damage repair and smoke odor removal.

After a blaze, there is so much to do, and time is critical. We will work fast to cover any openings to protect against the elements and unauthorized entry. The next priority is preventing further smoke damage and keeping fire odors from becoming permanent. Soot and smoke contain hundreds of harmful compounds that are toxic, corrode metals and glass, stain and discolor, and can lead to long-lasting odors. Dealing with all that requires far more than wiping with conventional detergents. Dry-ice and soda-blasting gear quickly clean large surfaces. For unreachable areas, thermal fog combines with odor-causing substances. Our ozone generators can break those odor compounds apart, even those deep within the structure.

For smoke damage repair in Poway California, call Superior Restoration at (760) 434-4555.