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Permanent Smoke and Odor Removal

Regardless of the type of fire, smoke and soot contain quite literally thousands of different compounds.  Hundreds of those are toxic, corrosive, staining, and/or odor-causing.  If allowed to remain for much more than a day their effects become permanent.  It takes an expert to choose the right cleansers and neutralizing agents to thoroughly remove all those compounds without harming the object being cleaned.  Our certified cleaning and restoration technicians know exactly what to do for everything from jewelry to walls and ceilings.

You’ve probably heard about (or experienced yourself) buildings with fire odors that have lingered for years.  That’s because smoke compounds have become trapped inside the pores of wood and similar materials, often in places deep inside the structure itself and beyond the reach of cleaning.  But they’re not beyond the reach of our special equipment if we’re brought in the first day or so after the blaze.

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