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Water Restoration & Structural Drying

Proper water damage restoration requires a combined understanding of water extraction and applied structural drying (ASD).  When accomplished well, both procedures reduce costs and time involved in building restoration.  Conversely, poor execution of these techniques by your water damage contractor will significantly increase your expenditures.

Superior Restoration is a proven leader in the restoration industry.  We’ve helped homeowners and businesses through some of the worst natural disasters in San Diego County.  Additionally, we handle water damage restorations from pipe leaks, appliance malfunctions, leaking roofs, and sewage backups.  When doing so, it is imperative to get the drying aspect of the assignment right.  Here’s why.

A Brief Look Into Structural Drying

There are many facets to consider when developing a drying strategy.  When approaching a job, we look at:

  • the building materials that were affected
  • the source of water intrusion
  • dehumidification needs
  • type of water causing damage
  • also, several other factors

All of the above will affect the drying strategy.  Furthermore, as conditions change so will the drying strategy.  Contractors will usually keep two evaluation documents updated throughout the job, namely, a material moisture map and a psychometric sheet.

Effective restorations make the best use of time.  Proper documentation helps restoration services to adjust the drying strategy to optimal levels.

The Two Documents That Matter Most

During every water damage restoration job we provide clients with two documents—a psychometric reading and a moisture map.  A psychometric sheet is a form that displays the critical data about the temperature, humidity, water vapor pressure and grains per pound of air.  All of these measurements affect the effectiveness of the contractor’s drying strategy.  A moisture map serves as a check to verify that the drying strategy is working correctly.  The best service providers will use these tools to adapt to the drying needs of your restoration speedily.  The better they understand and incorporate these documents into their plan, the more productive the restoration and repair service will be.  Superior Restoration tracks all drying strategies to ensure that every job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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