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Carlsbad Carpet Cleaning Whats In Your Carpet

Your carpet is filthy. Whether you’ve got a cut pile, loop, berber, or shag you’ve got a dirty carpet. This is where dirt, soil, and other rocks have come off your shoes and feet before becoming ingrained in the lowest points of your floor covering. However, a professional carpet restorer can get this debris out. Most carpet cleaners will never really get the carpet truly clean, unlike the service that a carpet restorer can provide.

Most people find that their carpet is worn down from tons of foot traffic and maybe even matted in a few areas. But they remember when it was new and soft and the whole family would lie down on it and watch TV together.

Your first response might be to call the carpet cleaner who left you an ad on your doorknob. You have him to your house with his whole crew and equipment in the back of his van. They do the whole spiel and even though the most obvious stains didn’t come up, the carpet looks great and you can’t wait till you can walk on it after it dries. A few days pass and your excitement begins to fade as the old stains re-appear along with a few new ones. It’s maybe a couple weeks before that old matted carpet is back to its sorry state.

Well here’s why: most commercial carpet cleaners make their money on volume- the more houses they clean, the more money they make and they don’t bet on referrals. So they use equipment that’s cheap to buy and easy to move around the city. While these machines might be great for a turn them and burn them carpet job, they’re really not made to make a real difference in your floor.

Dirt and debris from foot traffic, wind, dust, and basically everything else in your home, settles into your carpet fiber and the tiniest particles even seep into your carpet padding. Then, commercial cleaners come in and pour water and shampoo into the rug, which penetrates down into the substrate and absorbed into the concrete. Then they bring a vacuum in the suck the water back up. The problem is that the power vacuums don’t really have the strength to pull all the water back up so the padding stays wet as does the concrete. That’s why those stains reappear. Evaporation and foot traffic moves the water back up toward the surface and brings with it all that dirt and debris that the cleaners were supposed to take with them.

However, a restoration expert can restore homes that have been devastated and crushed by fire, flood, or mold infestations. They can take homes that have been demolished and get them looking good as new. They use professional grade equipment designed to remove not just stains but also odor, moisture, smoke, and more. Their vacuums are stronger and their process is more precise so when instead of just cleaning your carpet, they restore your carpet to cleanliness and comfort you haven’t seen since it was brand new.

Professional restorers don’t leave dirt and debris behind and offer power dryers that completely dry out the padding and the subfloor so that dirt can’t come back to haunt you a few days later.

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