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Why Is A Little Flood Damage A Dangerous Thing?

Why Is A Little Flood Damage A Dangerous Thing?

If you have noticed a persistent must smell in your home, and do not know the cause, you should call a flood damage restoration service immediately! Flood damage can be incurred when a large amount of water is absorbed into an area of your home or furnishings, causing that area to swell. Most of the time, when water has been absorbed into a surface, the swelling is not visible to the naked eye. However, as time passes, you will be able to see wood that is warped or buckling, water stains, crumbling plaster, in addition to other secondary effects. Firstly, this absorbed water will cause mold to grow after as little as a day or two. The growth of mold will cause rot and decay to progress rapidly in whatever object it takes place. Mold feeds on moisture, and on the plant components of your home and furnishings. Left unchecked, mold growth can cause such a great degree of decay in buildings that they can be condemned due to the structural instabilities caused by rot and decay. Mold produces spores, which can cause allergic reactions, asthmatic reactions, rashes, and upper respiratory infections. Without immediate repair and restoration, flood damage can cause serious permanent damage to your home and its furnishings. This is why you should immediately call a flood restoration service as soon as you suspect that your home has been affected by leaks or flooding. Even something that looks like it is only a minor problem can very easily turn into a major problem within a small amount of time!

Why is a Little Flood Damage a Dangerous Thing?

In many cases, flood damage can be completely or partially reversed, depending on the degree of flooding, and the amount of time that the damage is allowed to continue without treatment. If you have a leak, the longer you allow the leak to continue, the more water and dampness will accumulate, and the more permanent damage will be incurred. Even worse, if flooding has taken place, and the water has been allowed to stand, and soak into your floors and furnishings, you may be forced to replace all of the flooring that has been affected, and additionally replace all or most of your affected furniture as well. Flooding will cause the affected materials to become distorted and stained, in addition to creating a perfect environment in which mold will be able to thrive. The discoloration, warping, and decay that can be caused by flooding is a very serious matter which must be treated promptly. If flood damage is not treated promptly, then at the very least, you will be forced to invest in major renovations, like replacing drywall, cabinets, carpeting, and other flooring, in addition to having to replace all of the furnishings that have been ruined by flood damage.

You may be able to minimize the number of items that must be replaced, and the number of areas that must be remodeled if you immediately contact a company that specializes in flood damage restoration. A company that specializes in flood damage restoration will be able to minimize the damage to your home and its furnishings by coming to your house immediately to begin the flood restoration process. If your home is flooded when they arrive, they will immediately begin to remove standing water and moisture from your home and your belongings. After the obvious water and moisture has been removed, they will test first test the air in your home, your walls, and your carpets and flooring for signs of mold. Your cabinets, floorboards, furniture, and walls must be checked for swelling in order to ascertain the amount of water that they have absorbed. After the flood restoration service has been able to assess the moisture levels in your house, and they have determined whether or not mold has started to grow, they will be able to begin flood damage restoration.

The flood damage restoration service will start by removing all of the moisture that remains in your walls, flooring, cabinets, and furniture in order to prevent further damage due to mold, staining, and warping. They will determine which areas, if any need to be replaced due to extensive damage. After they have completely dried the affected areas, they will begin to check for mold. Mold must be completely killed, removed and contained. If the mold is killed, but is not removed, dead mold spores can still contaminate the air in your house, and cause you and your family to suffer asthmatic and allergic reactions, and possibly even upper respiratory infections. In order to avoid health problems in your family caused by mold, the flood restoration team will completely remove all traces of mold from your home. They will begin by removing any furnishings or other materials that cannot be salvaged due to mold damage. They will then remove mold from any surfaces. Your HVAC system must also be treated in order to remove any mold that was circulating in the air in your home before the flood restoration team arrived. The entire system must be cleaned with a chemical solution in order to ensure that all of the mold spores are dead. After the HVAC system has been thoroughly cleaned, then it must also be rinsed so that the fumes from the bleach do not harm your family. After the flood damage restoration has been completed, you will be grateful that you contacted a flood damage restoration service.

Why Is A Little Flood Damage A Dangerous Thing?


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