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Mold: The Danger that Lurks Below

Mold: The Danger that Lurks Below

Mold is serious stuff. It can lurk below cabinets, beneath carpets, even behind walls. And it can cause you and your family serious health problems. Black mold is considered by far the most dangerous and has been linked to many different forms of cancer among a wide array of people. That’s why if you’ve had a flood, an overflow or been unfortunate enough to have been hit by a natural disaster involving water, you want to hire a professional mold removal company. A company that has the experience as well as the expertise to clean up any mess gallons and gallons of water can cause. When you hire a mold removal company they will immediately dispatch a crew to come and assess the damage. After that, their first order of business will be to remove as much of the water and moisture from your home as possible. They will probably start by using industrial strength wet/dry vacuums designed to evacuate your home of water. You’ll be amazed how dry your carpet will seem after just one use of their wet/dry vacuum, but don’t be lulled into complacency; there is still no doubt water in the pad beneath your carpet and in the cracks and fine lines beneath your wood and tile floors. And where there is water, there is soon mildew and then mold.


The Clock is Ticking

Mold removal companies know just how fast mildew and mold can develop which is why they respond so quickly, often within just a few hours. After evacuating as much moisture as they can from your floors they will bring in and place many high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture still in the air. Another process they may employ is that of freeze drying items. Once frozen, they will then be heated slowly so as to release the moisture as vapor. Their goal is to prevent mold from forming and if it does form, to remove it as promptly as possible. They want to remove as much moisture from your home as possible. In the summer months, they will probably suggest that your turn on the air conditioning to help dry out your home as well as turning on all the fans possible. In the winter months, they will suggest you turn on the furnace to heat up and dry out your house. Mold is not only unsightly it can extremely dangerous. Many people have developed asthma, lung and skin irritations due to mold.

Mold Damage Repair
Mold: The Danger that Lurks Below

Removal Vs. Remediation

Mold remediation differs from removal in that it is the process by which mold growth is removed and cleaned from all surfaces and from the contents (furniture, drapery, carpets, bedding, appliances and possessions) of a home. Remediation is a method of identifying and isolating any areas of a home or any possessions that contain mold spores. Mold removal isn’t just a specialized service, it’s also a science as well. Knowing how much drying is necessary, knowing where to apply cold, where to apply heat, and where to apply chemicals and compounds is quite involved but a reputable mold remediation company will know the answers to all these questions upon seeing the flooded area. Without a qualified mold remediation company, not only are you risking a recurrence of mold but the possible loss of possessions and even further damage to your home.

Why Mold Remediation Isn’t a DIY Job

If you’re thinking you can handle the removal of moisture, mildew and mold from your home by yourself, you may want to think again. If even the tiniest bit of mildew is left, it can easily turn into dangerous mold in just a matter of days and cause major health problems for the residents of your home particularly children and seniors as their immune systems are weaker than those of adults. Particles may be hiding in heating and cooling systems and duct work, behind drywall and under carpets, and even behind wallpaper and wood paneling. You have to not only be prepared to look everywhere, but you need the proper equipment to do so. A reliable mold remediation company has all the necessary tools to not only diagnose the problem but to remedy it. It’s crucial that you use professionals to safely isolate and treat any areas that may have been affected during the incident. These professionals use many different techniques, tactics and tools to identify, isolate and eradicate mold such as air scrubbers and HEPA filters that keep the mold spores from spreading to other parts of the structure and further contaminating your home. While mold removal and remediation is similar to the strategies developed for removing and treating other hazardous materials such as asbestos. Sophisticated techniques must be employed to fight mold because while a large growth is clearly visible, spores are basically invisible. The main difference between mold removal and asbestos abatement is that water can’t be used to keep airborne germs and spores under control as it can be when dealing with asbestos; after a flood, overflow or natural disaster involving water, the last thing you want in your home is more water.

Mold: The Danger that Lurks Below






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