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How To Prevent And Remove Mold In Your Home

Mold removal is the process of removing and cleaning molds from either homes or buildings. The process usually involves use of special chemicals or cleaners to remove the existing molds and prevent future growth. Mold is mostly common in building areas, drywall, carpets, and ceilings. There are many ways of removing mold. Some of these are discussed below.

Removal using Bleach-Sodium hypochlorite is usually the main ingredient in many mold removal products. It can almost kill any indoor mold species known as well as its spores, sensitizing the area it was applied on and preventing any future growth of it.

Removal using BoraxIt is more recommended to use borax for mold removal since it’s a natural mold inhibitor; the product is usually also used for cleaning toilets and drains. It doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals or fumes, and even if swallowed, it’s not toxic.

Removal using Vinegar-This is a safe and natural way of mold removal. Vinegar is mild acid that is capable of killing 82% of mold. Another advantage is that it is non-toxic and doesn’t remove any hazardous fumes; therefore, it can even be used to mop tilled floors to prevent molds growing on them.

Removal using Ammonia- This is mostly used to remove mold on the surfaces; it will be ineffective on porous materials such as drywall or wood. The main disadvantage of using ammonia is the fact that as a chemical, it has harsh and toxic components. If mixed with bleach, it can be dangerous to the user due to the gas they give out. Ammonia terminates molds and the spores, but leaves them on the surface; even though they are dead, they still cause allergies if exposed to for longer periods. So, constant removal afterwards is advised.

Removal using Hydrogen peroxide-It is the best alternative to regular bleach since it doesn’t destroy the environment, produce any toxic fumes or leave behind any harmful remains. It works because it functions as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral and can also be used well in many materials including kitchen appliances, clothes, bathroom, walls, and floors.

Removal using water and detergents- By using warm water and detergents on non porous surfaces, mold can be scraped off. By just using detergents, the mold can’t be killed; simply cleaning away the entire mold on that surface is a sure way of eradicating it.

Removal using Baking Soda– Apart from being a household cleaner, baking soda can also work as a mold remover. It doesn’t contain any harmful components; and being mild, it doesn’t have any risks to both pets and family.

Removal using Tea Tree Oil This is an essential oil that is user friendly to both pets and people. It has proven to be very effective in mold eradication. Tea tree oil is both antibacterial and antifungal in nature making it able to kill any species of mold.

Molds being naturally occurring organisms can be found growing in many environments. Their presence at the home surroundings can be a great risk to both the safety and health of the inhabitants. Most of the allergy and respiratory diseases common among the elderly and infants are attributed to mold. If widespread, it can cause damage to buildings and be unsightly to look at making its removal be a priority.

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