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Carlsbad fire damage is a very serious threat in one’s home. And if not taking care of this fire and smoke damage  may result in you having a bigger and more expensive problem on your hands.

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Carlsbad Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
Fire and Smoke Damage and Restoration

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Well I hope not because a fire can be one of the most devastating things to happen to you and your family. Losing your home or valuable items in your home is a major loss. But if you and your family survived the fire, that is something to be happy about. So now is the time to rebuild and restore your home so you and your family can move back in and get back to your normal lives. There is nothing more destructive to your Carlsbad home than  fire and smoke damage. It can leave your home virtually unlivable and destroy most of your belongings. Not only does it damage items in your home, it can cause stress at the loss of the things you value most.With quick action, you may be able to save more than you think. But beware. Never go back into a building that has been severely burned because the excessive heat of a fire can cause buckling and swelling of walls, flooring, ceilings and appliances. Beyond that, you may think you will never get the smell out out of your cushions, draperies and rugs. That’s when you need fire and smoke restoration, like the team at Superior Restoration in San Diego. They will assess the situation, work with the firemen to learn the cause of your fire, the type of fire that did the damage, and examine the items that were actually damaged in the fire. Often times you cannot always see the extent of the damage beyond the cosmetic appearance. But deep in the walls, under the floors, in the ceilings, there could be damage that is continuing to deteriorate and the result could be an entire loss if you do not act fast and act smart. You want to get a team in your home to start working right away to save what you value most and get on with your future.

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Odor is the most common complaint when home owners walk into the aftermath of a fire. While is devastating to look at the soot and burnt remnants, it is the smell that just seems like it will last forever. Well, did you know that there are some odors that are almost impossible to get rid of. One of them is cat urine and the other is smoke. The reason smoke is so hard to get rid of is that it permeates fabric and clings to walls and carpeting. The first thing is to move those items out of the house and have them cleaned by the restoration team. The more items that have soaked up the smoke, that you can remove, the better. It takes a dedicated team with special detergents to really remove the smell. The next order of business that you might be concerned with if there what was actually burned and what survived, because where there is smoke there is fire. And while smoke stinks, fire burns. This is where the damage comes in. Burnt and charred furniture, cabinets, countertops, floors and even walls and ceilings, cannot just be cleaned. They need to be repaired, restored or removed. In order to restore items in your Carlsbad home that have fire and smoke damages, their condition must be assessed.

Carlsbad Fire Damage

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Damage is generally broken up into two types; simple and complex. Simple fire and smoke damage in your Carlsbad home is caused by burning wood. These types of fires are the easiest to clean up. Complex damage is caused by the burning of synthetic materials such as furniture, carpets, wiring, toys, draperies, etc. With these fires, soot and acid deposit, making clean up harder. And no matter what type of fire you’ve had, the damage from the fire is the only thing you have to worry about. Hoses brought in to put out the fire can produce water damage. The soaked walls and floors will not take long to soak up the water and buckle and bulge. Professional damage control teams know this and work to dry out the area before cleaning to be sure not to compound the problem. The first thing they do is dry out water soaked areas and then remove soot and smoke. They conduct odor neutralization for carpets, furniture and draperies. And they work to rebuild  and restructure areas that have been weakened.

fire and smoke damage is knowing that your insurance will cover it. Check your insurance plan to make sure that you are covered for this type of disaster and don’t forget to check for water damage coverage. Since this is type of event is sudden and shocking, you want to prepare for such an event. Finding a reputable and trustworthy clean up team will also alleviate your fears. Knowing that professionals will come in and take care of everything will give you peace of mind because what you really want is to have your home back to normal. While the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming and may look like all is lost, with the right team, you can recover most of what you lost and rebuild the rest. Timing is everything, and you want to make sure to get in touch with professionals right away before more damage is incurred from smoke and water still in the home after the firemen have long gone. Call us now – we’re available 24 hours a day!

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Carlsbad Fire and Smoke Damage

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