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Most homes have some mold. Those pesky black spots in the grout in your shower, or on the shower floor.. These types of mold are easily removed with cleaning products. But when your home becomes infested with mold, the microscopic spores that are released can cause allergies, and in some cases can make you and your family very ill. Some types of mold, such as black mold, is highly toxic and professional Carlsbad mold removal must be performed immediately Mold comes from tiny spores that love moisture, and thrive in temperatures ranging from 40 to 100 degrees fahrenheit. That’s a pretty large temperature range, meaning that there really is no place that is off limits in your home, as long as there is moisture there. The spores float in the air and seek out moist places to land, where they then grow fungus. The first stage of growth is called mildew. These are the little black spots you see, which can grow in to larger black patches. Sometimes it emits a foul smell. Mildew pretty much stays on the surface and does not cause rot. It is the easiest to remove. But when it develops into mold, that is when you need to take a much more drastic action.

Places to check for mold include under carpets, behind damp walls, under wet wood floors, and any other dark, wet area. Mold is typically classified into three groups: allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. Allergenic mold is the least harmful but can produce allergic reaction in people with allergies, especially to mold. Pathogenic mold can cause more serious health problems, especially in people who have compromised immune systems. This type of mold can cause pneumonia in those prone to it. Toxigenic mold is the most serious form of mold which in its most severe case can cause cancer. Black mold falls into this category and is described as black and slimy. This type of mold produces mycotoxins which are poisonous. Not all black mold is toxic, but to be safe, it is best to have mold removal services extradite it. Most people think that to get rid of mold is to just clean it up, but there is a special process that needs to be used to not only clean it up, but to kill it so it never returns, or does not spread elsewhere in the home.

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If you suspect mold in your home, list your symptoms. Asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis and skin rashes can be signs of allergenic mold. Headaches, stuffed noses, asthma, nausea, vomiting and overall malaise, are potential signs of pathogenic mold. Respiratory, digestive tract, reproductive illnesses can all be attributed to toxic mold, as well as serious diseases such as cancer, lupus, tuberculosis, fibromaylgia, Epstein-Barr, Fatigue, and sudden infant death syndrome. As you can see by these lists, mold is nothing to play around with. It is very serious and the best way to rid your home of mold is to start with a Carlsbad mold removal inspection. When a mold specialist comes to your home they can identify the type of mold you have and find hidden places where it may be, that you are not even aware of. Once determined that you have mold, the technician can determine the severity of the infestation by conducting a tape swab test, a tape slide test and air sampling.

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Carlsbad Mold removal professionals come to your home equipped with the tools needed to safely eradicate mold from your premises. Attempting to remove anything but a small amount of mold from your home can result in mold spores being released into the air and further infesting your home. These spores can get into your lungs and if you do not use gloves, can cause skin rash and worse. Professionals know how to contain the mold while removing it. They are dressed and equipped to protect themselves and you from the mold, during the entire mold removal process. And mold damage restoration is an important part of the process. Mold can eat through wood, walls and floors, and if there are not already holes, there are weakened areas that can be unsafe and eventually fall through.

The best line of defense against mold is being proactive, so you don’t need to have mold removal. Catch it before you get it. And you have it, treat it early before it gets out of hand. Sound familiar? Check for mold to overtake your home. There are a few ways to keep your home mold free. Check your basement for leaks and flooding. If it prone to these types of things, remove rugs and keep just a cement floor in those areas. Check for water stains in your ceilings, which can mean a leaky roof. Find it and repair it. Remember that mold cannot grow in dry areas. Keep dark areas dry. If there is a lot of rain, make sure there were no leaks into the house and if so, dry it up immediately. Dry floors after showers, and properly vent bathroom by either opening a window after a shower, or turning on the fan. Keep the bathroom door open after a shower to air out the moisture and steam. Use a dehumidifier in areas in your home that are prone to moisture or dampness. And if you do see mold in small areas, use gloves, and clean it up. Call us now – we’re available 24 hours a day!

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