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Oceanside water damage is a serious threat for almost all homes. If this kind of issue will not be taken care of as much as possible, serious water damage of your home will occur.

Oceanside Water Damage Restoration

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Oceanside Water Damage

Water damage can occur at any time, no matter where in the country you live, and no matter what type of home you live in. One bad storm, a flood, or leaky sump pump, and bam, you’ve got water damage. It consists of rust, rotted wood, warped floors, fallen ceilings, mold, mildew and discoloration. Oceanside Water Damage Restoration can come to the rescue and help you dry out and rebuild, while preventing injury and illness. There are three types of water damage classified in categories. Category 1 water damage is classified as clean water, where you may have a tub or sink that overflowed, or a broken water supply line. Category 2 water damage is classified as grey water. This can result from a sump pump leak, or dishwasher and washing machine leaks. The water may contain contaminants that can cause sickness. And then there is category 3 water damage, which is classified as black water. This type of damage is harmful and can cause severe illness. Water from sewage, toilet overflow, flooded streets, seawater, and rivers or streams.


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In order to receive proper water damage restoration in Oceanside, you first need to determine the category and then the class of water damage. There are four classes which pertain to the rate of evaporation. A slow rate of evaporation is considered class 1. A fast rate of evaporation is considered class 2. Fastest rate of evaporation is class 3 and specialty drying situations is class 4. The class generally refers to how much of the home or room is affected as well as how much of the room and furniture has absorbed the water. Class 1 generally only pertains to a section of a room with little moisture being absorbed by items in the room. Class 2 affects the entire room, where the carpets and cushions have absorbed most or all of the water and the water has not risen more than 24 inches up the wall. Class 3 is water that comes from the ceiling and affects the whole room, having been absorbed by carpets, cushions and insulation. Class 4 affects hardwood floors, plaster and concrete.

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Both the category and class determine which type of water damage restoration you will need. While waiting for technicians to arrive, you can prevent further damage by doing a few things like turning off circuit breakers and power in the home where the affected areas or rooms are located. Mop up the wet area and remove items such as books, or other lightweight items from the floor or rugs. This includes wood objects such as lamps, statues, etc. Cushions should be taken outside to dry and lift drapery from the water. DO NOT turn on any electrical appliances such as ceiling fans, television, etc. And if you come in contact with contaminated water, wash your hands promptly. Most restoration techniques include identifying and removing the source of the water damage, then removing water from the home with special equipment. Technicians dehumidify the premises with strategically placed machines throughout the affected rooms in the home. Damaged products are removed and floor and carpets are dried and decontaminated. The home is inspected for mold and if detected, mold removal teams are brought into remove it. Thermal image testing is the best way to detect water damage far below the surface. It can mean the difference in undetected damage rotting through wood and causing further damage or even injury.

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Oceanside Water Damage Restoration
Oceanside Water Damage Restoration

Damage from black water is the most serious. Not only does the water need to be removed, but the entire place needs to be sterilized and cleaned from the contaminants. Left to dry into the rugs or cushions, or even the walls, could result in bacterial growth and illness to inhabitants. Water damage restoration is the best way to deal with this kind of damage because the team comes equipped with protection against contamination that can cause illness. Never intentionally expose yourself to this kind of water by walking in it or touching it, if you can avoid it. Leave it for the professionals. For clean water, you are not typically in any danger, but it is best to shut off electricity and not turn anything electrical until the area is dry. Check for damaged wood or plaster to prevent ceiling from falling through or floors from breaking through. For Class 2 or 3, use precautions as necessary. Remember that water is one of the best carriers for bacteria and virus. It is always best to err on the safe side and keep your hands and feet away from the water until a professional can safely remove it. Some water damage restoration is covered by insurance. Check with your provider who may require an additional premium to cover flooding. If you live in a region that is prone to water damage caused by flood, or severe storms, it might be a good decision to look into what your home insurance does cover. But for accidental water damage that can happen anywhere, you might not have the type of coverage you need. Check out Superior Restoration in San Diego for specials that make restoring your home, more affordable. They know how devastating it can be to lose valuable items as well as expensive flooring due to water damage. They will work with you to properly restore your home back to its previous state. Call us now – we’re available 24 hours a day!

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