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There’s probably nothing more frightening to people today than a fire in a home or office. With or without sprinklers, getting out alive and in one piece is the most important thing. If you’re fortunate enough to do that then it’s on to the next step of repairing your home or office. Not any easy task. The good news is that the fire is now out and the danger is gone, the bad news is that some of the smoke remains — or at least its smell –and now you also have to deal with the damage caused by the water used to put out the fire. Poway, CA Fire and smoke damage is quite enough unto itself but when you add in water damage, it’s easy to feel beaten before you start. But don’t give up hope because Superior Restoration is a qualified company that is dedicated to helping people in exactly your situation by aiding you to put your lives, homes, and businesses back together quickly.

Fire Restoration In Poway

Smoke Damage restoration in Poway

How Superior Restoration Is There With You From Start To Finish

>We’re there for you from the very beginning, and with our guaranteed one hour response time you can truly feel like help is right around the corner no matter when your emergency is. We take ‘being there for our customers’ very seriously, that’s why our response team is available around the clock for your home emergencies.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re ready to respond and begin working on your restoration 24 hours a day!

  • Complete fire damage restoration services
  • Incredible response time
  • Day or night availability
  • Exceptional customer service

Customer Service That You Can Trust

Our customers come first in everything we do, and we’re sure that you’ll notice. To us customer service is more than just a company policy, it’s an attitude that we work hard to engender in each and every one of our well-trained professionals. Whether it’s our one hour response time, our 24 hour availability, or our tried and true methods, we’re sure that you’ll be happy you cjose us. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to fire damage restoration. When you choose us for your project, you’re choosing a company that truly cares about it’s clients and works hard to ensure their satisfaction each and every time. Give us a call today!

What Do You After You Experience Smoke Or Fire Damage In Your Poway Home 

Smoke damage repair service in Poway While you’re probably having trouble putting one foot in front of the other after a fire, there are a great many things that need to be done to get your life, let alone your home or office, back together. The important thing, of course, is that you’re safe now and no longer in danger of coming in contact with leaping flames. So what do you do first after a fire? Here are a few suggestions from Superior Restoration that might make the process a little easier. Remember to stay calm and only do as much as you think you can at a given time. Everything will get done sooner or later and all will return to normal. As long as you remember that, you should have no problem coordinating the efforts involved in returning your home or business to the way it was before the Poway, CA fire and smoke damage occurred.

1) Get in touch with your insurance company. Your agent or adjuster should be able to recommend a reputable fire and smoke damage restoration company such as Superior Restoration

2) After the fire department has cleared you to enter your home or business go through the structure with our professional fire restorer and decide which items can be saved and possibly refurbished

3) Open all the windows and doors as this will help circulate the air and remove some of the remaining smoke and odor

4) Keep all the fans running 24/7 to help remove soot and odors — remember to change the filters on the fans every day to prevent soot from building up,

5) If it happens to be summer, run your air conditioning along with a dehumidifier to help eliminate moisture left over from the water that quenched the flames

6) If it is winter, run the furnace to help remove moisture from the air

7) Dry everything you possibly can (carpets, bedding, drapes); our water damage company can help greatly with that end of the cleanup process

8) Place plastic wrap around the legs of all furniture items involved in the fire; this will help them stop absorbing any leftover water in the floor and carpets from the firefighters

9) Deodorize your home or office. It’s important to get the smell of smoke out of carpets, drapery and furniture as quickly as possible; on this front, your best bet is to hire our professional company; again your insurance adjuster should be able to recommend a reliable firm such as Superior Restoration

10) And it bears repeating, take your time; you’ve been through one of the worst experiences any of us every go through and you should move slowly so as not to shock your system further.

Repair & Paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make any structure look brighter and more inviting. Paint also has the dual benefit of sealing in odors, so get the painters going as soon as possible to stem the Poway, CA fire and smoke damage. If you’re handy and you feel you can make necessary repairs go right ahead. Just remember you have no recourse with yourself. However if you hire a professional carpenter, for example, you can probably get him to warranty his work. A little extra peace of mind plus a few less things to do at this point can’t hurt. Remember to remind everyone who enters the afflicted structure to be careful of both damage to the floors and walls, but also to be aware of the oily stench of soot. The smell of soot has caused more than one person to become ill or even faint.

Make a List

While repairs are being made and the house is being deodorized and cleaned, you can begin to inventory the items that have been damaged or destroyed such as furniture, bedding, clothing, books, decorative items, etc. Try to remember when you purchased these items and for how much. Your insurance carrier will ask you that same question. If you happen to still have the receipt for certain items even better. While most people don’t retain the receipt for a bed spread or a book, they generally keep the receipt for a computer or a flat screen TV. Being as precise as possible in your descriptions of items destroyed by the Poway, CA fire and smoke damage will speed your claim with your insurance carrier explains Superior Restoration.

Poway, CA Fire & Smoke: What to do After the Disaster

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