After A Flood: Your Essential Water Damage Checklist

After A Flood: Your Essential Water Damage Checklist

Water damage, as the result of a flood, can cause massive amounts of water damage San Diego to your home or business. In the aftermath of a flood, emotions run high. Having a plan of action to turn to if/when this unfortunate situation presents itself can prove to be extremely valuable. Staying calm can save you from extra damage and further stress. Always keep in mind, there are experts in flood damage repair in San Diego here to help. Here is a list of ten critical actions to take in the face of a flood to your property:

  1. Stop the source of the water, if possible. Be very careful of electricity around any area of flooding. Establish barriers, shut off the water source or use any other available methods of water stoppage. Prevent any more water from entering the home/building using boards, mats, sand bags, etc.
  2. Once it is safe to do so, turn off electricity. Be extremely cautious in wet areas. It is best to wait for a professional to evaluate this situation, but if it is safe, get your electricity shut off immediately.
  3. Call for help. Preferably reach out to flood damage San Diego specialists, such as Superior Restoration, but you'll probably also need help salvaging belongings and valuables. Water moves quick and is very destructive, so call neighbors, friends, or family to help you.
  4. Take notes and pictures of everything related to the flood. Keeping extensive documentation can be valuable for submitting a claim to your insurance provider.
  5. Moving furniture quickly is essential to preventing mildew or mold growth. While being careful to avoid walking excessively on any wet carpet, get equipment, personal items and furniture away from moisture. If moving furniture is impossible, try to place aluminum foil between the floor and the legs. This can help prevent and/or minimize furniture stains or rust from setting in.
  6. Having a professional crew on hand to move salvageable furniture to a dry area or a storage unit will be helpful. Flood experts can also be of service, as they will know what is worth saving, and what pieces could be hazardous.
  7. Extract all water as soon as possible. For flood damage repair in San Diego, Superior Restoration is a leader in getting your property dried out quickly, by professionally extracting all water from carpets, drywall and other components.
  8. Depending on how extensive the water damage or flooding is, it may be best to leave for a short period of time. It is better to avoid any health related issues or injuries, than to risk otherwise. Trust the professionals in flood damage repair in San Diego to take prudence in handling the issue, and know what is best during the process of restoration.
  9. Contact your insurance company to begin the claims process.
  10. Repairs, to carpeting, drywall, pipes, etc. may need to be discussed and planned. Be proactive against mold contamination and be sure to follow recommendations to avoiding repeated flood damage repair in San Diego.

Keeping a level head during this stressful time can save you a surprising number of headaches down the line. Be thorough in the process in order to get the best outcome for San Diego water damagewith your insurance and in terms of damage containment. With nearly 20 years of experience, Superior Restoration is here to help with all flood damage repair in San Diego. Don't hesitate to contact our team and let us help you cover all your bases.

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