Dirty Carpet, Dirty You – Healthy Carpet, Healthy You

Dirty Carpet, Dirty You – Healthy Carpet, Healthy You

You may not be surprised to hear that a recent study conducted by New York's Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), an environmental organization operating in Upstate and Western New York, found that the average house contains six different highly toxic substances floating around in household detritus, dust bunnies, and lodged deeply in your carpet. You inhale these particular six contaminants, and probably dozens of less-lethal but still toxic chemicals, every minute you spend inside your house without a carpet cleaning service in San Diego CA.

While these chemicals, namely phthalates, pesticides, brominated flame retardants, perfluorinated compounds, alkylphenols, and organotins, are harmful to adults even in the micro-quantities found in carpet, the study suggested that the risk to pets, children, the elderly, and developing fetuses can be up to 40 times higher than that of an adult. For a culture that spends more than two-thirds of our lives in our homes, these chemicals slowly interfere with the respiratory and reproductive systems, causing breathing disorders like asthma or in utero reproductive issues. If your carpet is old, you can receive 50 times more toxins indoors than out. If your carpet is shag or plush, the risk of toxic exposure increases, stressing the need fr carpet cleaning in San Diego.

For those of us with pets and small children, these risks cannot be ignored. Bacteria tracked in by adults wearing soled shoes and walking on pavement pale in comparison to the amount of bacteria tracked in by a dog running through urine, fecal matter, and environmental toxins found in the yard. Are you horrified to watch Junior eat a cracker off the floor, now? While we don't recommend that you get rid of your pets or your kids, you owe it to your family to make sure that cross-contamination between your pets, who don't think twice about bringing in all kinds of nasty bacteria, and your children, whose underdeveloped immune systems and their proximity to the floor creates a real risk of developing long-term health consequences, which is why you need carpet cleaning service in San Diego CA.

Your home should be a sanctuary to protect your family, not a repository of bacteria and poisons.Cleaning your carpet regularly is the only way to avoid exposure. You can do most of the cleaning upkeep yourself, by vacuuming two or more times a week, encouraging your family to remove their shoes upon entering, and steam-cleaning with water, rather than detergent, but starting off with a thorough, professional carpet cleaning San Diego CA is the first step you should take.

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