Tips for Restoring Water Damaged Furniture

Tips for Restoring Water Damaged Furniture

When your washing machine breaks and floods the basement soaking your favorite sofa with gallons of water damage in San Diego, don't despair. The situation might seem hopeless at first glance, but if you act quickly and know how to properly restore damaged furniture you might not have to throw out the couch. Here are some tips for restoring water damaged furniture.

At the Time of the Damage

  • Act Quickly- Furniture that gets wet won't always have permanent San Diego water damage. When damage does occur, it gets worse the longer that your furniture is exposed to water. When flooding or water damage occurs, act quickly. Here at Superior Restoration we are available 24 hours a day when emergencies occur. If you need help, contact us.
  • Move to Dry Ground- Moisture can take days or weeks to fully dissipate from a flooded room. Leaving your furniture in this moisture filled room may increase damage and may potentially lead to mold and mildew problems. Move furniture pieces out of the flooded area to dry ground as soon as possible.
  • Rinse with Clean Water- If your pieces are damaged by flood water it is important to rinse them thoroughly to remove dirt, silt and other debris. Rinse using clear, clean water while the pieces are still wet.

Tips for Restoration Time

  • Is It Worth Restoring?- Many furniture pieces can be restored, but it isn't always worth the time, effort or expense. Determine which pieces you will restore. Evaluate the extent of the damage while considering the item's actual and sentimental value.
  • Know When to Call in the Professionals – Amateur restoration attempts can lead to more damage after flood damage in San Diego.
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