Water Extraction Tips: Can Your Carpet Be Saved?

Water Extraction Tips: Can Your Carpet Be Saved?

For San Diego property owners, a flood in the home or business is almost never expected, nor welcomed. Worse is the thought of damage, and especially costs. Who has the time and money on hand to replace furniture, belongings, dry wall, and perhaps the most headache-inducing: expensive carpeting? However, if you follow some simple tips, you may be able to salvage the carpeting. We're experts in carpet cleaning in San Diego and, yes, there is hope after flood with carpet cleaning San Diego CA.

So, you have water everywhere, including a soaked carpeting; here's where to start:

  1. It should go without saying, but make sure to follow all safety protocols before attempting to save your carpeting. Be very cautious. Turn off water sources. Turn off electricity. While taking these necessary steps, avoid walking on the carpet as much as possible.
  2. Assess the situation. Is the area affected small or large? Consider immediately enlisting flood damage experts, specialists in carpeting cleaning in San Diego, or at least neighbors and friends to help with the process.
  3. Move all furniture and belongings out of the area. Remove any wet items that you can, including rugs. Getting these items dry in a separate area should also be a priority, but especially get them up and out from on the wet carpeting, as they will block optimal drying abilities.
  4. Try soaking up the water with towels, as much as you can to remove excess water. This is an integral step if you want to salvage your carpeting; the longer you allow water to sit, the more it will possibly seep into floorboards and walls.
  5. Do not use colored towels for soaking up the water, or at least be very careful, as they have a tendency to bleed onto the carpeting. If you want your current carpet to return to a similar state after the flood, avoid towels with dyes that can potentially stain.
  6. Open all windows and doors for ventilation. This will help speed up the drying process. If you can get your hands on any fans, and it is safe to plug in electronics, aim them towards the affected area.
  7. Use a carpet cleaner or wet vacuum on a reverse setting in order to extract the flood water. Steam cleaning equipment from carpet cleaning services in San Diego CA could also be used.
  8. Do not use your regular vacuum. For any kind of larger area of flooded carpeting, consider enlisting professionals like Superior Restoration; we specialize in carpet cleaning in San Diego.
  9. Water extraction can take from a few hours to multiple days. Be prepared to go slowly and be thorough with the process. Ultimately, this will be the key to successfully preserving your carpets and rugs. Go slow with the water extraction and then invest in carpet cleaning in San Diego, it will be cheaper than replacing and installing entirely new flooring.
  10. Keep in mind, it is easy to get overwhelmed. It can be stressful, tedious and sometimes, you may discover further damage or flooding, days into attempting repairs. It is never too late to call experts for carpet cleaning service San Diego CA. Flood remediation and companies like Superior Restoration have many years of experience in all kinds of flood-related and carpeting-related situations. Letting them help can actually save you time and money by avoiding further complications down the road.
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