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Superior Restoration: 10 Health Risks Due To Mold

Superior Restoration: 10 Health Risks Due To Mold

Mold poses a problem for San Diego home and business owners due to the fact it can be so easily ignored or even missed completely. Mold can hide in the most unexpected places in a building or structure and it nearly always takes experts in San Diego mold removal to insure the problem is remediated. For many people the first sign of a mold problem is a health-related issue due to the difficulty of actually seeing evidence of mold in your home or business during day-to-day operations. Have you recently found out about the presence of mold and are wondering, what’s the big deal? Health problems attributed to the presence of mold are well documented and range from the merely aggravating to life-threatening, especially for children and older adults. Read on for ten examples of common health complications due to mold:

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Superior Restoration: 10 Health Risks Due To Mold

The presence of mold can aggravate allergies, and even give birth to new allergic reactions. These have a wide range of symptoms, depending on the person, but are definitely something that can be alleviated with San Diego mold removal. Having an expert team assess and eradicate mold in the environment will help reduce allergic reactions.


Arthralgia is classified as pain in the joints without noticeable swelling. This is one of the more serious complications/symptoms of toxic mold exposure. Arthralgia has been linked with black toxic mold, which often grows following a home flood, pipe leak or in basements, where conditions are not always dry.

Asthma Attacks

Asthma, like allergies, is also effected very easily by mold growing in the home or work environment. Asthma attacks can be life-threatening, depending on their severity. Sudden asthmatic problems or the worsening of asthma conditions can be attributed to mold and is usually one of the first health symptoms occupants experience. Especially for business owners or landlords, San Diego mold restoration costs can be low-priced and low stress in the long-term. Compare these costs to dealing with an asthma-related lawsuit due to a negligent attitude towards the presence of mold on your property.

Colds & Flu

These can be more of an annoyance due to mold, and a very persistent one at that. Have you and your family generally been healthy individuals? Suddenly, have you experienced a subsequent string of inexplicable instances of colds or the flu? These are telltale signs that you may have mold growing in your living environment. As long as mold is present, falling ill with the flu or constant colds is extremely common. For the most part, this is not life-threatening but can lead to increased and unnecessary health costs, missed participation in life events and for young child and older adults, more serious problems.

Respiratory Complications

An entire slew of respiratory complications can result from mold in the home, school, business or office. This can easily be avoided with San Diego mold removal. Act now, before the mold has adversely effect your health, your wallet and your family’s well being.

Skin Rash

Mold ruins insulation, and eats through wood, furniture and clothing. But it also contaminates your environment with microscopic spores, unseen to the naked eye. Inevitably, your skin is exposed and some people may experience a rash. A sudden unexplained rash, similar to the cold symptoms mentioned above, could be caused by mold.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation from mold follows in the same vein as skin rashes caused by mold. Spores and microscopic particles can travel through vents, air, furniture, and surround you, your family, your coworkers and/or your customers.

Nose Bleed

Water damage can lead to mold which can cause nose bleeds. If you or someone you live with has begun to experience more frequent nose bleeds, look into the possibility of an environmental cause, specifically mold. Indoor mold can colonize in vents, walls, just about everywhere. One of the effects it can have on humans is producing an organic chemical reaction, in this case nosebleeds.

Immunity Compromising

Including all the previously mentioned health risks due to mold, there are many more health complications that have been attributed to mold. These are especially risky to those populations with already fragile immune systems, such as children and elderly. In extreme cases, where mold is ignored, it has resulted in death. Mold can exasperate a wide range of other illnesses. It is for this and the above risks, if you suspect any health issues are being caused by mold, do not wait to get an expert opinion. For those wishing to avoid these problems, San Diego mold removal can be pain free, stress free and leave you mold free in no time. Don’t wait until you are sick; be proactive today!

Superior Restoration: 10 Health Risks Due To Mold

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