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Superior Restoration – 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Superior Restoration – 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

If you haven’t tackled your spring cleaning yet, now is a perfect time to start. The weather is lovely, flowers are blooming and your house is definitely in need of a deep clean, especially a carpet cleaning in San Diego. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips to help you spruce up your home.

1. Schedule It

One of the hardest parts of spring cleaning is getting started. Pull out your calendar, find an open day and schedule it. Once it’s on the calendar it is much more likely to get done.

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Superior Restoration – 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

2. Start with a Trip to the Cleaners

Before you get started gather up everything that needs a professional cleaning and take it down to your local cleaners. Drapes, curtains and winter coats are especially important to include on this cleaning trip. If you take these to the cleaners first they will be ready when your cleaning is done. Plus it’s easier to clean windows and walls when curtains aren’t in the way. You can also get carpet cleaning services in San Diego CA to assist you in your deep cleaning.

3. Stock Up on Supplies

Don’t get stuck half way through cleaning the floors by running out of cleaning solution. Stock up on all of your favorite cleaning supplies before you get started. Also have plenty of clean rags, paper towels and sponges on hand.

4. Make a List

What do you want to tackle with your spring cleaning this year? Make a list of every project you want to get done. Organizing projects by room makes it easy to work your way through the list. As items are cleaned, check them off your list. A list will help you to get everything done and nothing feels better than the sense of accomplishment as you cross items off the list.

5. Enlist the Family

Don’t clean on your own. Get the family to help. There are jobs for every age and skill level if you use a little creativity.

6. Look for Problem Areas

Don’t forget to look for problem areas in your home as you clean.

Superior Restoration – 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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