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Superior Restoration: Common Household Sources of Allergens

Superior Restoration: Common Household Sources of Allergens

Spring is here and for allergy sufferers that can mean watery eyes and itchy noses. Pollen and other outdoor influences can make your allergies worse, but many times the culprits are indoors. Here are some common household sources of allergens and a few tips for keeping them at bay with San Diego mold removal.


Mold is all around us. Spores are in the air, inside and out, and molds are constantly breaking down old plants, foods and other organic materials. Mold thrives in moist conditions, which means that the leaky bathroom pipes or water damaged sofa are prime locations for mold growth.

Mold allergies typically present with symptoms similar to that of other allergies. You may have a stuffy or runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, rashes, hives and/or wheezing. Getting rid of indoor mold sources may help your symptoms.

Mold breaks down any surface where it grows, so it is important to act quickly if a mold problem develops in your home. Cleaning mold can release mold spores, so if you have a mold allergy be careful when cleaning or hire a professional mold remediation team to tackle the job for you. If your home has permanent damage from mold or if you can’t clear up the problem on your own, get professional help.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are another common household allergen. Interestingly people are typically allergic to the dust mite droppings rather than the dust mite themselves. Dust mites thrive in moist conditions, just like mold, so a dehumidifier might be a good investment if you have allergies. Frequent cleaning and lower humidity can keep dust mites at bay, if you catch them before you need San Diego mold restoration.

Professional carpet cleaning and San Diego mold removal can help get rid of dust that vacuuming alone cannot reach. Try to clean your carpets at least once a year, more often if you have pets or children. Clean carpets don’t just look great, they can improve your indoor air quality while removing potentially irritating substances from your home.

Animal Dander

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Superior Restoration: Common Household Sources of Allergens

Your pets may also be making your allergies worse. Animal dander, or dead skin cells, can cause allergic reactions. Other people may react when they come in contact with pet saliva or urine that is commonly found on animal fur. If you have allergies keep your pets outside or consider finding them a new home.

People with animal allergies may be able to minimize their symptoms by limiting their contact with particularly allergenic areas. For example scooping the litter box might not be the best choice if you can find someone that isn’t an allergy sufferer to tackle the job. Pet hair can harbor allergens, so vacuum regularly and clean your carpets professionally, along with a mold inspection in San Diego at least twice a year.

Allergies can be miserable, but relief is possible. The right care and limiting your exposure to these three household allergens may make a difference in your allergy symptoms this spring.

Superior Restoration: Common Household Sources of Allergens

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