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Superior Restoration: Mold- 10 places it could be hiding.

Superior Restoration: Mold- 10 places it could be hiding.

Even with regular cleaning dirt, mold and germs can build up on surfaces in your home. If you want your home to stay clean and healthy make sure that you put a little extra attention into these notoriously dirty areas a couple of times a year. A little extra San Diego mold removal can go a long way in helping your home to look great and stay clean.

* The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is easily one of the dirtiest areas in your home, especially the drain. Mold and bacteria thrive on moist surfaces. Adding to the problem is the fact that your sink comes in contact with bacteria from food, mold, germs from your hands and a host of other grimey things each and every day. Clean your sink often using a sanitizing agent like bleach if possible. Don’t let wet, dirty sponges or wash rags sit in the sink for long periods of time; these can quickly become a hotbed for mold and bacteria.

* The Bathroom

The bathroom is where you go to clean yourself, relieve waste and get ready for the day; it is only logical that this room would be particularly prone to bacteria and other germs. Bathrooms are often one of the wettest rooms in the house, making them a prime spot for mold growth as well. Clean your bathroom often, everywhere from the walls to the toilet and even the tub. While you clean keep an eye out for mold. Mold growth can be a sign of a moisture problem and should be resolved as quickly as possible. A company offering San Diego mold removal can help you to find your mold problem, find the source of the moisture, clean up the mold and repair any damage that may remain.

Mold removal Carlsbad
Superior Restoration: Mold- 10 places it could be hiding.


* The Carpets

Even with regular vacuuming, carpets are filthy. They are filled with dirt, dead skin cells, cigarette smoke, toxins and other chemicals and more. Vacuuming often is important, but it isn’t all your carpets need. They also need the occasional professional cleaning. As a general rule cleaning your carpets professionally at least once a year is important, more often if you have kids or pets. Frequent vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning will minimize the amount of dirt trapped in your carpets.

* The Inside of the Fridge

When was the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator? If it has been a while your fridge might be harboring harmful bacteria and rotting food. Discard old food and wipe the interior surfaces in your fridge at least once a week. Using care when storing foods can also help you to keep your fridge clean and bacteria free. Put meats, eggs and other bacteria prone foods on the bottom shelf, away from other foods, to keep them from dripping juices onto other foods and to lessen your risk for food poisoning.

* Door Handles

Bacteria can live on door handles for hours, and in some cases even days, after you touch them. If you aren’t practicing good hand washing techniques, and even if you are, your door handles can pass these bacteria from person to person in your home spreading illness and making your family sick. Wiping door handles with a good cleaner will help reduce the bacteria already there and regularly washing your hands will help reduce the amount of bacteria placed on door handles.

* Bathroom and Kitchen Floors

Your bathroom and kitchen floors are probably teeming with bacteria. Mop regularly and don’t forget the grout! Deep clean your tile at least once a year.

* Your Sheets

As you sleep dead skin cells, body oils and dirt rub off of your body and onto your sheets. Wash your sheets often, using hot water if possible.

* The Ceiling Fan

f it has been while since your fan’s last cleaning the blades are probably covered in a thick layer of dust. Turn the fan off and then use a damp rag to wipe the blades down. You’ll be surprised how much dirt was lurking up there.

* Countertops

Your kitchen countertops are exposed to tons of bacteria each day. It is important to clean these often to get rid of these bacteria with San Diego mold restoration, some of them may cause food poisoning. Wipe your counters at least once a day and immediately after they come in contact with any bacteria (when they come in contact with raw meats, fish, etc.). Disinfectant wipes are especially helpful for killing bacteria left on the surface.

* The Corners

Corners take a little effort to clean, so more often than not they are forgotten and left for another day. Make today the day that you finally tackle them. Wipe out corners with a damp rag and remove any dirt, crumbs or other debris from the area.

Your home might look clean, but if you haven’t paid special attention to these notoriously dirty areas in a while, it might not be as clean as you think. Grab a rag and get cleaning! You may need some professional help and a¬†mold inspection in San Diego as you tackle this project, so don’t be afraid to contact a local company for mold remediation in Carlsbad, California if you need some assistance.

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Superior Restoration: Mold- 10 places it could be hiding.

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