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Superior Restoration: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

Superior Restoration: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

If you have mold in your home or office you may need to call in the San Diego mold removal professionals for clean-up assistance. Mold problems can be difficult to remedy and requires extra precaution to avoid endangering your health during the clean-up process. Mold remediation professionals can help you find the problem, fix the problem and keep it from ever coming back.

Of course, not all mold clean-up companies are created equally. Some will go the extra mile to ensure that your mold problem is eradicated. Others take your money and disappear leaving you with a moldy mess. Here are a few key questions to ask when choosing a mold removal company.

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Superior Restoration: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

What Training/Certification Have You Received?

Many states do not require San Diego mold restorationcompanies to acquire certification. Although it may not be a requirement, it is always a good idea to work with certified mold removal companies since they have the training and expertise needed. Certified mold removal companies not only understand how to remove mold, they understand how to do so safely. The IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) and The Clean Air Trust, as well as other groups, offer certification programs for cleaning and restoration professionals.

What Are Your Rates?

Many people use cost as a determining factor for choosing a mold removal company, but this isn’t the best way to choose. Mold left to its own devices can ruin the structure of your home, damage possessions and even cause health problems. Do you really want the cheapest option when so much is at risk? Ask about rates, but compare using other factors, like experience, customer satisfaction and training. The goal is to find a mold removal service that offers both quality service and a good value.

Do You Have Any References I can Contact?

Advertisements will always make a mold inspection San Diegocompany sound like the best around, but past clients know the inside scoop. Ask for references and then contact them. Good companies should have plenty of satisfied customers willing to share their experiences.

How Will You Keep the Mold from Returning?

You shouldn’t have to worry about mold returning soon after the work is done. Ask your removal company how they will fix the problem and keep the mold from coming back. This process usually involves eliminating the mold’s water source. Simply treating a surface with anti-mold paint or sprays won’t fix the problem, but eliminating the water source will.

Why Should I Choose Your Company?

Every San Diego mold removal company will paint a beautiful picture of the services they offer, but this question still holds some key answers to the discerning customer. If a mold removal company focuses their response on cost savings alone, move on. Choose a company that focuses their response to this question on the things that really matter: quality service, excellent training, guaranteed results, etc.

Choosing a mold removal company is a big decision. Don’t just open the phone book and call the first number you find. Instead interview prospective companies and find the service that will work hard to remedy your mold problem safely and effectively.

Superior Restoration: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

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