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Superior Restoration: Teaching Children about Fire Safety

Superior Restoration: Teaching Children about Fire Safety

When couples learn they will be having a baby, one of the first considerations is creating a safe environment. That concern never leaves as children grow older, and as young tots start becoming mobile, parents need to be especially aware of fire safety concerns and teach safety rules to their children. With proper planning and instruction, parents can prepare both themselves and their children for fire emergencies and San Diego fire damage.

Teach Fire Safety Rules
The first and foremost task is to teach children proper fire safety rules. They need to learn that they should never play with matches or electrical outlets. Kids should also be instructed not to touch hot objects like a pot on a stove top or a fireplace when wood is burning in it. Carefully teaching safety rules to prevent fires is important for children and should begin at a very young age. Additionally, teaching little ones what can and cannot be touched goes a long way to prevent all types of accidents, which could need smoke damage remediation in the future.

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Superior Restoration: Teaching Children about Fire Safety

What to Do in the Event of a Fire
Should a fire occur, teach children to check doors for heat. If the door is hot to the touch, it should not be opened. Because smoke rises, staying low to the ground will help everyone breathe while trying to escape. Every family member should be aware of what to do should their clothes catch on fire: stop what they are doing, drop to the floor and roll to put out the fire.

Plan of Escape
Teaching children about fire safety also includes helping them understand what to do when a fire breaks out. Having a planned escape route is vital. Take steps to evaluate each room in the home and look for viable exits and safe passage from one room to another. Create easy procedures that children can understand so they will know exactly what action to take. Rehearse the family fire evacuation plan by holding family fire drills several times a year, preferably monthly, so that children will know what to expect in cases of fire emergency. Designate a safe place away from the home for everyone to meet, and always stress that children should never go into a burning building.

Evaluate Windows
Part of keeping kids safe during fires is for them to know how to get in and out of windows should a fire prevent them from exiting through hallways and doors. Ensure that all windows can be easily opened and screens removed in all rooms. For upstairs bedrooms, children must be taught how to open windows, remove screens and get through any security bars. Second floor rooms need an escape ladder readily accessible in the event of a fire emergency. Practice drills with kids so they understand how to escape through windows and go to the family meeting place.

Fires affect everyone in the family, and being prepared by teaching children fire safety rules goes a long way in keeping everyone safe. When a fire does occur, getting back into the home is important for everyone’s emotional security, especially kids. Let Superior Restoration help you and your family deal with the damage after a fire. Our experts can help restore your home and belongings with cleaning and restoration services designed to quickly get you and your family back home where you belong. Give us a call to learn more (760) 434-4555.

Superior Restoration: Teaching Children about Fire Safety

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