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Superior Restoration Tips for Bathroom Moisture Control

Superior Restoration Tips for Bathroom Moisture Control

Mold thrives in moist areas making the bathroom a hotbed for mold growth if you aren’t careful. Too much moisture in the air can cause other problems as well, everything from mildew to allergies to home water damage in San Diego. The key to having a clean and healthy home is controlling moisture levels in every room of the house, especially the bathroom. Here are some tips for bathroom moisture control.


A lack of ventilation is one of the biggest causes of bathroom moisture problems. Bathrooms are moist areas and need ventilation. Some common ways to ventilate include opening a window, installing a fan and allowing air flow through the house. We will talk about a few of these ventilation methods later in this article.

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Superior Restoration Tips for Bathroom Moisture Control

Measure the Humidity

Knowing where your humidity levels stand will help you to determine if you have a bathroom moisture problem that can cause San Diego water damage. A device called a hygrometer can easily tell you the humidity level in your home and/or bathroom. They are fairly inexpensive and can often be found in upscale hardware stores. The humidity level in your bathroom, and in every room in the house, should be between 40 and 60%.

Install and Use a Bathroom Fan

Ventilating fans are often found in bathrooms, especially those without a window. They are great at moisture control, but do have to be turned on to work. If you have a bathroom fan, use it. If you don’t have one consider having a fan installed. Many models are rather quiet, so if the noise of your current unit is bothersome, replace it with a quiet model. Dehumidifiers can also be used in the bathroom.

Consider an Interval Timer

Many people only run their bathroom fans when they are in the bathroom, but it can take hours to restore humidity to the proper levels after a steamy shower. An interval timer can help. Some timers feature a dial that can be set to a specific amount of time. Others allow you to program on and off times for your bathroom fan. These timers make it easy to run your fan and keep humidity at bay, which prevents water damage San Diego.

Use Outdoor Air

Fresh outdoor air is another way to control humidity in your home and bathroom. Open a window, open some doors and let the air flow.

Get Professional Help

There are a lot of things that you can do on your own to control bathroom moisture, but if things do get out of hand or if you having difficulty controlling mold, mildew, orĀ flood damage San Diego it may be time for some professional assistance. Mold removal experts can help you to find and remove moisture sources and to repair any damage that mold or mildew may have caused.

Keeping in control of the humidity in your home and bathroom is essential for keeping mold and mildew out. The bathroom does have a lot of potential for moisture problems, but if you use these tips bathroom moisture doesn’t have to be a problem.

Superior Restoration Tips for Bathroom Moisture Control

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