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Superior Restoration: When to Call a Mold Remediation Expert in San Diego

Superior Restoration: When to Call a Mold Remediation Expert in San Diego

One of the last words any homeowner wants to hear in describing their house is “mold.” This pesky problem can be more common than you think. And according to the EPA, 100% of mold types have the potential to cause negative health effects. So, as a homeowner, when should you call experts for San Diego mold removal?

Most mold is caused by ongoing water intrusion of some kind. This can be simple things such as plumbing issues, faulty landscaping, rain gutters not diverting correctly or the common roof leak. Many of these examples do not seem like a big deal at the time but with a continued presence in and around your home, they become a hotbed for mold growth.

Superior Restoration: When to Call a Mold Remediation Expert in San Diego

At this stage, hidden mold growth can occur. It’s one thing to see the mold that is growing on a fence on the exterior of your house. But when mold has begun to seep into the infrastructure, that is when a team like Superior Restoration that specializes in San Diego mold restoration is recommended.

Where does mold grow? In less-than-ideal environments, where water intrusion happens nonstop and/or regularly, mold can infuse its way into hidden areas of your home. It will grow inside walls. It will make its way into air ducts. Mold will make framing and structural materials weaker and potentially hazardous to your health. As a first step, top restoration teams identify and document all cases of mold present in the interior and exterior of your property. The top priority? Identifying and preventing further spread of mold spores through mold remediation steps.

The best time to call for mold remediation in San Diego is the first time you discover any type of mold in your property and/or whenever you experience a flood. Prevention is always preferred; as they say, the best offense is a strong defense. Being proactive against initial mold infestation will save you time, money and negative health effects. If there has nonetheless been mold identified in your house or building, immediate action should be taken. Putting off action is not recommended as this will only exacerbate health issues and/or structural deterioration. Mold growth can cause asthma problems and allergic reactions. If ignored, property owners can face potential legal action from any affected parties.

You’ll be amazed at what quality mold remediation in your home can do for your and your family’s health. Air quality is greatly improved with the eradication of mold from living areas. If you have experienced sinus issues, asthma flare-ups, respiratory tract infections, even itchy nose and eyes, it could be due to mold spores present in your environment. There is sometimes even a musty smell present. If these symptoms are recent, or even semi-recent, and unexplained, you may have a mold situation and should look into remediation immediately.

Getting expert San Diego mold removal has never been easier than it is presently with Superior Restoration. It only takes one phone call. We promise quality service and results at affordable prices. Don’t neglect your growing mold problem any longer — contact us today.

Superior Restoration: When to Call a Mold Remediation Expert in San Diego

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