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A Flood Doesn’t Have to Wipe You Out

A Flood Doesn’t Have to Wipe You Out

Homes that had been devastated by floods used to considered total losses. Furniture, appliances, even personal property was all chalked up as lost forever. But today, thanks to improved technology and innovative equipment, homes can be restored even after severe water damage.  Of course, great amounts of damage are easily done by seemingly small amounts of water and clean-up is no picnic but it is possible and many people are able to return to the homes they’ve lived in and loved. A reputable water removal company is the first step in returning your home to normal. They will arrive with the trained personal, the trucks, the equipment and the know-how to best remove the water from your floors, your carpets, even your baseboards and walls. Even standing water is now sucked up by super high-powered vacuums designed for just that purpose. You’d be amazed how quickly sopping wet carpet can become almost totally dry carpet. What you need to remember, however, is that once a large amount of water has spread through your home it’s probably under your floors, in the padding below your carpets and climbing up your walls past those baseboards. Water where it’s not meant to be can also easily damage electric wiring and certainly any electrical appliances or electronics. Only an experienced water damage restoration company can tell you what’s safe to use and what needs to be replaced.

Flood Damage Restoration
A Flood Doesn’t Have to Wipe You Out

Drying & Decontaminating

Drying and decontaminating are the two primary roles of a water damage company. They will probably begin by using an industrial strength wet/dry vacuum to suck up any standing water and then move on to your carpets. While your carpets will feel amazingly dry after just one treatment, there is probably still water lurking beneath in the pad below your carpet. In many cases, the carpet can be saved but the pad must be replaced or a moldy, musty smell will develop.  The next steps will be to remove any baseboards attached to walls that have dark stains climbing up the walls. This is water from the floor being absorbed by the wallboard in your home. While it is very possible to dry and treat the walls, once the baseboards have been pulled off they will need to be replaced. Fortunately, this isn’t a very expensive or time-consuming procedure.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is exactly what it sounds like it is. It’s the process by which anything that has been damaged or destroyed by water from a flood, overflow or natural disaster is repaired or replaced. Bringing in a water damage restoration and getting them to work within the first 48 hours of a flood is crucial as this is generally prevents mold from forming. Mildew forms very quickly but that is relatively easy to deal with. Mold is what you want to prevent as many kinds of mold carry with them severe health risks especially to the very young and the very old. Many state-of-the-art industrial strength fans and industrial strength dehumidifiers placed strategically throughout your home and run 24/7 for at least several days will aid in the drying process. While the noise can be deafening, the result is well worth it. At a certain point in the drying process, various compounds may be used to aid in sanitizing and disinfecting the afflicted areas. If you have pets or very small children, make sure the water damage restoration company uses only those products suited for those groups; they’re usually all natural made from herbs. Freeze drying is another process used by professional water removal companies to aid in the drying process. After freezing the items, they are then heated. This cold/hot process allows any moisture contained within to vaporize.

Other Procedures

Depending on the severity of the situation, a professional water damage restoration company may also need to employ restoration and repair processes for crawl spaces, structural drying, sewage clean-ups, carpet cleaning, basement drying, sanitation, disinfecting, dehumidifying, debris extraction, wind damage and mold remediation. While it may be tempting to try to clean up water damage yourself, it is definitely not advisable. Fast action is important because of the mold factor, a very real danger. A reputable company will be able to dispatch a team of trained workers almost immediately to begin the clean-up and drying process. What’s more, these crews come with both the knowledge and the experience to handle any and all water damage. Be it from a flood, an overflow or a natural disaster. They have the trucks, the industrial strength wet/dry vacuums, the industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers as well as the meters that can pinpoint exactly where in your home moisture is lurking and allow them to address it almost instantly. They also carry with them an array of compounds — some all natural — to sanitize and deodorize any area. Reliable water damage restoration companies can be found in the Yellow Pages or through an online search. What’s more, their work usually comes with an estimate in advance of any work being performed as well as a warranty for their treatment of your home.

A Flood Doesn’t Have to Wipe You Out


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