Recent Projects

Commercial Water Damage Repair La Jolla, California

Water extraction started as soon as we arrived on the scene. We worked around the clock to make sure the business stayed open, and customers still had access to the work stations and products on the sales floor.

Water Damage Repair Bonsall, California

Set containment around affected area removed wet drywall and carpet plus padding. Performed a complete wipe down with concrobium. Set a dehumidifier and air scrubber to filter the enclosed space of any spores flying around.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation Oceanside, California

Due to the water spreading and affecting multiple materials, we had to set up containment to divide our work area from the rest of the house. This kept any mold spores from spreading and minimized the dust to just the containment area. All the material that was showing high elevated moisture readings was removed. The structural material was treated with an anti-microbial spray to kill off any bacterial growth that could have potentially been present.

Flood Damage Repair Carlsbad, California

A complete wipe down was performed to remove any bacterial growth that was present. After 2 1/2 days of drying, we were able to return the house to its pre-loss moisture condition.

Water Damage Repair Oceanside, California

The job consisted of removing drywall from the ceiling and also removing some drywall from the pantry. We also set some drying equipment to dry out the exposed stud wall and beams of the ceiling and walls.

Fire Damage Repair Chula Vista, California

The job consisted of moving contents into a POD, as well as cleaning the area with heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser, and setting a hydroxyl generator to eliminate the smell.

Water Damage Repair Carlsbad, California

The job consisted of the removal of some wood flooring as well as drying out the plaster walls.

Water Damage Repair San Marcos, California

This job was referred by another industry professional. The homeowner had already filed a claim and chose to go with Superior Restoration since we were already on site inspecting the damage.