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Restoring San Diego Properties Severely Affected By Flooding

Swollen by a storm, a creek surges beyond its banks, devastating a business, ruining inventory, chasing employees, flooding office space and more. A home’s water heater bursts and, in just hours, soak flooring, carpeting, wallboard, appliances, everything below knee level. The deluge is stemmed only after a neighbor sees a […]

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Remediating Bathroom Mold

Mold in the bathroom is one of the most common areas of a residential or commercial property to find the potentially toxic fungus. Mold is constantly present both indoors and outdoors. However, when toxic spore levels exist in greater numbers indoors as opposed to their outdoor counterparts, the potential for […]

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Water Restoration & Structural Drying

Proper water damage restoration requires a combined understanding of water extraction and applied structural drying (ASD).  When accomplished well, both procedures reduce costs and time involved in building restoration.  Conversely, poor execution of these techniques by your water damage contractor will significantly increase your expenditures. Superior Restoration is a proven […]

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Understanding the Dangers of Toxic Mold

Have you ever heard of the term “toxic mold”?  If so, you may get a mental picture of the image above.  Mold is unsightly, particularly after water has damaged a structure.  However, it is not exactly the mold that is the problem—at least not in regards to your health.  At […]

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When Do You Need a Water Damage Restoration Specialist?

Wondering whether you need to bring in a professional water damage restoration company?  The right choice isn’t necessarily a matter of scale.  It’s more about damage mitigation — is the rate of evaporation high enough to get everything thoroughly dry before further destruction sets in. And only anti-microbial specialists have the […]

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Permanent Smoke and Odor Removal

Regardless of the type of fire, smoke and soot contain quite literally thousands of different compounds.  Hundreds of those are toxic, corrosive, staining, and/or odor-causing.  If allowed to remain for much more than a day their effects become permanent.  It takes an expert to choose the right cleansers and neutralizing […]

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Homeowner’s Water Damage Prevention Guide

Were you aware that your home has a 1 in 5 chance of experiencing significant water damage within the next 10 years?  Moreover, these chances rise when you factor in minor water damage that leads to mold damage.  Average costs from water damage exceed those from fire and theft.  Therefore, […]

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