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5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  •  Apr 13 2012
  •  Kerry
Pollution isn't just a worry when you head outside. The air inside of your home or office can also be contaminated. Improving indoor air quality i…

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

  •  Apr 09 2012
  •  Kerry
If you have mold in your home or office you may need to call in the San Diego mold removal professionals for clean-up assistance. Mold problems can be…

Fire Damage Restoration- Smoke and Its Effects

  •  Mar 30 2012
  •  Kerry
A house fire is reported in the United States every 90 seconds. Fires are common and the damage that they cause can certainly be devastating. San Dieg…

After the Damage- Experts in Action

  •  Mar 24 2012
  •  Kerry
Any kind of disaster that wreaks havoc on a home and creates damage can be overwhelming to a homeowner. What would you do if your home was suddenly fi…

Dirty Carpet, Dirty You – Healthy Carpet, Healthy You

  •  Mar 17 2012
  •  Kerry
You may not be surprised to hear that a recent study conducted by New York's Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), an environmental organiz…

Where Does Mold Come From – Top 3 Sources

  •  Mar 09 2012
  •  Kerry
Mold. It can be intriguing, disgusting and sometimes even scary. An old slice of bread that turns into a fluffy white forest fascinates. On the other …

Carpet Cleaning - 5 Reasons to Do It

  •  Feb 23 2012
  •  Kerry
How long has it been since your last carpet cleaning San Diego CA? If it's been more than a year, it is time to pick up the phone and call your ca…

Teaching Children about Fire Safety

  •  Feb 16 2012
  •  Kerry
When couples learn they will be having a baby, one of the first considerations is creating a safe environment. That concern never leaves as children g…

Carpet Cleaning Essentials – New Baby, New Puppy

  •  Jan 31 2012
  •  Kerry
Are you expecting a new little one in your home? Whether new baby or puppy, both bring plenty of joy to the family along with a lot of messes to the n…

Mold in your house? Symptoms of Mold Exposure

  •  Jan 23 2012
  •  Kerry
Mold in the home can be hard to detect. Often the first signs of a growing mold problem on your property are the presence of one or more of a plethora…

Water Extraction Tips: Can Your Carpet Be Saved?

  •  Jan 09 2012
  •  Kerry
For San Diego property owners, a flood in the home or business is almost never expected, nor welcomed. Worse is the thought of damage, and especially …

10 Health Risks Due To Mold

  •  Jan 03 2012
  •  Kerry
Mold poses a problem for San Diego home and business owners due to the fact it can be so easily ignored or even missed completely. Mold can hide in th…

When to Call a Mold Remediation Expert in San Diego

  •  Dec 19 2011
  •  Kerry
One of the last words any homeowner wants to hear in describing their house is "mold." This pesky problem can be more common than you think.…

After A Flood: Your Essential Water Damage Checklist

  •  Dec 16 2011
  •  Kerry
Water damage, as the result of a flood, can cause massive amounts of water damage San Diego to your home or business. In the aftermath of a flood, emo…

Increased Fire Risk

  •  Nov 01 2011
  •  Kerry
SAN DIEGO – Forecaster stated that strong gusty winds and low humidity will pose an increased risk of wildfire in the mountains of San Diego Cou…