Tuesday 11 August 2020

Biohazard Restoration in Mission Viejo, CA
24/7 Emergency Service - (866) 830-8125

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  Biohazard Restoration in Mission Viejo, CA

Full-Service Biohazard Restoration in Mission Viejo, CA

Superior Restoration serves the needs of individuals, businesses, healthcare facilities, and geriatric care facilities with 24-hour services. Our experts are well prepared and well equipped for hoarder clutter removal, crime scene cleaning, unattended death cleaning, suicide cleanup, and similar situations. To help with your recovery, our crews discreetly and efficiently minimize further disturbance to your life.

Our biohazard restoration services address several concerns. Our certified anti-microbial technicians attend to blood-borne disease organisms that can become airborne, as well as pathogen growth promoted by other bodily fluids. Our other specialists may also be called in to deal with any harmful chemicals present at the scene. We use only industry best-practices and proven commercial-grade disinfectants, with meticulous attention to cleaning and sanitizing. Besides air duct cleaning, that also includes attending to often overlooked areas like underneath cabinetry and behind baseboards.

For biohazard restoration services in Mission Viejo, CA, call Superior Restoration at (866) 830-8125.