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Is Storm Damage Covered by Insurance

  •  Feb 15 2020
  •  Superior Restoration
You’ve just made it through a tornado or hurricane or massive snowstorm. The dust has cleared, and you’ve managed to assess the damage…

Mold: What’s Growing On Up There

  •  Jan 15 2020
  •  Superior Restoration
The holidays are over. You’ve clambered into the attic to store all the decorations and knick-knacks away for another year. It smells musti…

Preparing Your Home for Winter

  •  Dec 15 2019
  •  Superior Restoration
With the winter season fast approaching,  the entire nation has to prepare the home for harsh, colder temperatures. Freezing or near freezing…

Holiday Hazards

  •  Nov 15 2019
  •  Superior Restoration
A structural fire is a disaster at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.  Unfortunately, this time of year is prime time for …

Pets During Restoration

  •  Oct 15 2019
  •  Superior Restoration
You’ve experienced a fire or water damage in your home.  Your house is still standing, everyone is safe, and restoration is underwa…

Things Your Insurance Agent Didn't Tell You

  •  Sep 15 2019
  •  Superior Restoration
Most homeowners and renters know they need to have insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, most don’t know what their policy covers or doesn&rs…

Restoring San Diego Properties Severely Affected By Flooding

  •  Jul 08 2019
  •  Mert
Swollen by a storm, a creek surges beyond its banks, devastating a business, ruining inventory, chasing employees, flooding office space and more. A h…

Remediating Bathroom Mold

  •  Jun 18 2019
  •  Kerry
Mold in the bathroom is one of the most common areas of a residential or commercial property to find the potentially toxic fungus. Mold is constantly …

Water Restoration & Structural Drying

  •  Jun 04 2019
  •  Mert
Proper water damage restoration requires a combined understanding of water extraction and applied structural drying (ASD). When accomplished well, bot…

Understanding the Dangers of Toxic Mold

  •  Apr 09 2019
  •  Mert
Have you ever heard of the term "toxic mold"? If so, you may get a mental picture of the image above. Mold is unsightly, particularly after …

When Do You Need a Water Damage Restoration Specialist?

  •  Jan 14 2019
  •  Mert
Wondering whether you need to bring in a professional water damage restoration company? The right choice isn't necessarily a matter of scale. It&#…

Permanent Smoke and Odor Removal

  •  Nov 06 2018
  •  Mert
Regardless of the type of fire, smoke and soot contain quite literally thousands of different compounds. Hundreds of those are toxic, corrosive, stain…

Homeowner's Water Damage Prevention Guide

  •  Mar 08 2018
  •  Mert
Were you aware that your home has a 1 in 5 chance of experiencing significant water damage within the next 10 years? Moreover, these chances rise when…

Is it Important to have a Mold Testing?

  •  Jun 12 2016
  •  Kerry
Everybody can agree that having a healthy indoor environment is the most important thing in a house. This in the consideration that many guys spend a …

How To Prevent And Remove Mold In Your Home

  •  May 20 2013
  •  Kerry
Mold removal is the process of removing and cleaning molds from either homes or buildings. The process usually involves use of special chemicals or cl…