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Mold - 10 places it could be hiding.

  •  Jun 12 2012
  •  Kerry
Even with regular cleaning dirt, mold and germs can build up on surfaces in your home. If you want your home to stay clean and healthy make sure that …

Tips for Restoring Water Damaged Furniture

  •  May 31 2012
  •  Kerry
When your washing machine breaks and floods the basement soaking your favorite sofa with gallons of water damage in San Diego, don't despair. The …

Common Household Sources of Allergens

  •  May 16 2012
  •  Kerry
Spring is here and for allergy sufferers that can mean watery eyes and itchy noses. Pollen and other outdoor influences can make your allergies worse,…

Is Your Home Making Your Allergies Worse?

  •  May 05 2012
  •  Kerry
Red, itchy eyes and stuffy noses. Allergies are no fun. Outdoor allergens like pollen and dirt are common causes of allergy symptoms, but they might n…

Tips for Bathroom Moisture Control

  •  Apr 27 2012
  •  Kerry
Mold thrives in moist areas making the bathroom a hotbed for mold growth if you aren't careful. Too much moisture in the air can cause other probl…

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

  •  Apr 20 2012
  •  Kerry
If you haven't tackled your spring cleaning yet, now is a perfect time to start. The weather is lovely, flowers are blooming and your house is def…

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  •  Apr 13 2012
  •  Kerry
Pollution isn't just a worry when you head outside. The air inside of your home or office can also be contaminated. Improving indoor air quality i…

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company

  •  Apr 09 2012
  •  Kerry
If you have mold in your home or office you may need to call in the San Diego mold removal professionals for clean-up assistance. Mold problems can be…

Fire Damage Restoration- Smoke and Its Effects

  •  Mar 30 2012
  •  Kerry
A house fire is reported in the United States every 90 seconds. Fires are common and the damage that they cause can certainly be devastating. San Dieg…

After the Damage- Experts in Action

  •  Mar 24 2012
  •  Kerry
Any kind of disaster that wreaks havoc on a home and creates damage can be overwhelming to a homeowner. What would you do if your home was suddenly fi…

Dirty Carpet, Dirty You – Healthy Carpet, Healthy You

  •  Mar 17 2012
  •  Kerry
You may not be surprised to hear that a recent study conducted by New York's Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), an environmental organiz…

Where Does Mold Come From – Top 3 Sources

  •  Mar 09 2012
  •  Kerry
Mold. It can be intriguing, disgusting and sometimes even scary. An old slice of bread that turns into a fluffy white forest fascinates. On the other …

Carpet Cleaning - 5 Reasons to Do It

  •  Feb 23 2012
  •  Kerry
How long has it been since your last carpet cleaning San Diego CA? If it's been more than a year, it is time to pick up the phone and call your ca…

Teaching Children about Fire Safety

  •  Feb 16 2012
  •  Kerry
When couples learn they will be having a baby, one of the first considerations is creating a safe environment. That concern never leaves as children g…

Carpet Cleaning Essentials – New Baby, New Puppy

  •  Jan 31 2012
  •  Kerry
Are you expecting a new little one in your home? Whether new baby or puppy, both bring plenty of joy to the family along with a lot of messes to the n…