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No homeowner should attempt to clean up after a sewage backup or overflow. Category 3 water like sewage needs to be cleaned up by a professional who has the equipment and expertise to safely and thoroughly remove the sewage and then sanitize the area.

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Causes of Sewage Backups

Sewer Line Backup Cleanup in San Diego, CA

Main Sewer Line Backups

Sometimes after a heavy rain, your city's sewage system can't handle the excess volume, causing backups into your home or business. Other times, the main drain extending from your house to the city's sewer line can collapse or be permeated by tree roots.

Toilet and Sink Overflow Repair in San Diego, CA

Toilet & Sink Overflows

We use our plumbing fixtures many times a day, but when they aren't working, your house can't function. We need our toilets and sinks to drain. When they don't, and the gray or black water keeps trying to go down but can't, it goes elsewhere – namely, all over everything, soaking into floors, drywall and insulation.

Broken Drain Pipe Repair in San Diego, CA

Broken Drain Pipes

Once you flush, that water has to travel through an extensive system of piping in your home before it reaches the main sewer line. If any of those pipes break, crack or burst, sewage can start seeping out under your floors or behind your walls. You might not know there's a problem until you notice a persistent smell.

sewage damage restoration in San Diego, CA

Sewage Damage and Drain Backup Restoration Services

Right up there with floods and fires, the impact of a sewage disaster on your home or business is excruciating. The presence of Category 3, or "black water," puts life at a standstill. You just can't go on, business as usual, when you have a sewage or drain backup. It needs to be cleaned up FAST. Not is sewage particularly damaging to flooring and structural supports because of the microbes and bacteria, it's also very dangerous to your health.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN UP SEWAGE ON YOUR OWN. DIY attempts at sewage removal and cleanup inevitably neglect unseen damage the presence of the blackwater caused, and weeks or even months down the road, you'll realize that mess you tried to clean up has been causing more and more damage behind the scenes. Also, the chemicals required to properly sanitize the area can be dangerous to use without the proper training and equipment.

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Identifying a Sewer or Drain Line Issue Before a Disaster

Handling a backed-up drain line, overflowed toilet, or septic system failure before you have extensive sewage damage is not an easy feat. That is why it is important to identify the symptoms of a potential failure early – before it turns into a catastrophic event.

Gurgling Sound within the Drain Line

Noticing an odd sound when you flush the toilet or run your faucet? This could be the presence of air bubbles within the drain line, resulting from a small leak within the pipe. This sound could be the first sign an issue is forming and needs to be addressed before you have sewage damage.

Pipes Slow to Drain

Do you notice your toilet is flushing slower than normal, or your kitchen sink is taking longer to drain? A leak or clog could be present or forming within your drain lines.

Sewage Smell

Under normal circumstances, you will never smell raw sewage coming from your drain lines. If you detect an odd, distasteful smell, it is time to call a professional to rectify the situation quickly. The longer you wait, the worse the damage could be.

Water Pooling Around Sewer Lines

Every property has a sewer line running from the city service or septic tank. If you notice water pooling around those areas, call a professional right away. This presence indicates an issue with your sewer line and could cause severe sewage damage to your home or business.

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